CBD is incredible, the power of this (non psychoactive) plant medicine has completely changed my life. I have endless gratitude for this all natural, bullshit free solution that has solved numerous problems I’ve struggled with for years.

CBD has completely wiped out chronic fatigue. I no longer feel foggy, exhausted, or like I’m just “surviving” each day. I feel balanced, confident, and excited to be alive! It gives me a sense of focus and clarity. I’ve noticed a major change in my mood. Anxiety has always been something I struggle with and depression likes to creep in from time to time. I’m noticing an overall sense of safety within myself that I’ve never experienced before.

In addition to the emotional and mental benefits I am noticing a huge difference in my skin. Not only is my skin free of acne spots but CBD has helped tremendously with my psoriasis

≫ Q: How does it work?

Thoughtcloud CBD

≫ A: Our bodies already have natural cannabinoid receptors built in, they are part of our endocannabinoid system which regulates our bodies and keeps tabs on things like...fertility, pregnancy, appetite, hunger, sleep, motor control, pain, pleasure, immune function, temperature, mood, and memory (google it). CBD works with your whole system creating balance. Our bodies know what to do with this miracle and the benefits are unbelievable.

≫ Q: Why ThoughtCl0ud?

≫ A: Thoughtcloud is committed to bringing the highest grade CBD products on the planet & they take pride in offering all-natural, pure, lab-tested, organically sourced CBD for your overall health & well-being. Did I mention it’s also Reiki infused!! Do yourself a favor & check it out!

≫ Q: Does it make you high?

≫ A: No. It is literally impossible to get high from Thoughtcl0ud's CBD because it has close to NO THC in it which is the psychoactive component in marijuana that makes you *high*
≫ Q: Is it legal in my state?

≫ A: CBD is 100% legal in EVERY state (& ships internationally! You can view a full list here) .
≫ Q: Do you build up a tolerance to CBD? Do you become dependent on it?
≫ A: No, & no. You cannot build up tolerance to CBD & if you stop taking it I feel you are able to better navigate the sensations that arise in your body, helping you to be more mindful in how to deal with them since the CBD has kept you in a better state of mind about things.
. ————
≫ Q: How do I know what dose to take?
≫ A: a serving size of CBD is 25mg. So whether you buy the 500mg or 3000mg, a dose is still 25mg. With the higher potency you take less but still get the same 25mg dose. This allows you to do more/ less depending on where your needs lie. I recommend the 750mg or 1500mg full spectrum to begin with
≫ Q: Will it show up on a drug test?
≫ A: Highly unlikely & I have never heard of this happening before.. Drug tests are looking for THC. Since Thoughtcl0ud’s full spectrum CBD contains less than .03% THC you’d need to be gulping very large quantities of oil to even have a chance of showing up positive. The CBD isolate products have 0.01%!