TinyTea Detox From YourTea

I am super excited to be sharing this product with you! I am already a big tea fan so when I first discovered YourTea I was super impressed with their tea selection and wanted to purchase a box. I wasnt sure which tea to go for, I have a variety of teas in my home and they have so many to choose from! They have their teas split up between "Body Teas" and " Mood Teas", I loved this and feel like it makes shopping really easy! I encourage you to check out their website and find a tea that works for you! 

Although it might not be the biggest deal to everyone, I particularly get good vibes from companies when they have a great website and/or they are social media friendly. YourTea has both while also remaining totally cute! After I followed them on Twitter and Instagram I started to see lots of posts about one of their very popular teas called TinyTea. The results were amazing and there were so many good things said about TinyTea! 

After seeing all the TinyTea posts, I did more digging into that particular tea and googled some reviews. I was super impressed with what I found and decided to order a box. I wanted to write this post to give you the details along with my thoughts and first impression. 

What Is TinyTea?

TinyTea is a detox that will cleanse your digestive system helping your body get back to its natural function. It increases digestion functionality, alleviates issues associated with food intolerances, and it assists with reducing weight. As a bonus it eases bloating, improves skin clarity, and increases energy! Essentially TinyTea is a tea you drink that your body is going to thank you for! Its also been known to reduce symptoms of PMS which is another reason I was so jazzed about it!

Whats In It? 

Chinese medicine herbs that are based upon Chinese medicinal principles. But to be exact its got oolong tea, sicklepod senna seed, loutus leaf, hawthorn berry, jue ming zi, he ye, shan zha, lai fu zi, chen pi, and mai ya. It DOES contain gluten but they DO offer a gluten free tea bag. 

How Much Is It?

They have two different sized boxes. A 14 day TinyTea detox is $35.00. A 28 day TinyTea detox is $55. Personally I got the 28 day detox kit but I am doing it for 14 days. Josh and I are going to Disneyland at the end of this month so I am doing 14 days now and 14 days when we get back. Getting the 28 day box saved me money so that is why I chose that one. 

Any Side Effects?

Because TinyTea is detoxing the crap out of your body you might have a little breakout or a mild upset stomach for the first few days. If anything take this as a sign of it working and be glad you started it because you obviously needed it. I had a bit of a stomach ache the first day but after that its really been smooth sailing for me. It is also that time of the month for me so as far as breakouts go I havent experienced anything out of the ordinary.  

What Are The Directions? 

Easy! Think of it like water. Drink TinyTea 3 times a day, 30 minutes before or after your meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). You soak 1 bag in hot water for 5-7 minutes and drink! Avoid drinking it with your meals and later in the evening as it does increase energy. To make this easy for me I set alarm reminders in my phone and I drink my tea while I make my meals. I use my coffee Keurig to heat up the water which seriously takes 5 seconds. 

Any Restrictions? 

It does contain gluten but they do offer a gluten free tea bag. You shouldnt take it while breastfeeding because it contains barely and for some people this will dry up breast milk. Once breastfeeding is completed TinyTea is free game! YourTea recommends not taking TinyTea during pregnancy, more info on that subject on their website. You can take TinyTea while on "the pill" it wont effect the functionality of the pill. Any age can take TinyTea because its a digestive aid that does NOT have a laxative effect, however if you are under the age of 15 YourTea suggests you chat with your parentals first!

All of this info can be found on their website, they are very upfront and honest about their products. I encourage anyone interested in any products to do their individual research first. In my opinion and YourTea is a company I trust! I think TinyTea is a great addition to anyones current lifestyle but being that it is the start of a new year I think now is the time to get started! Keep an eye on their social media sites because they have deals going on often! 

What better way to show your excitement then to take a bunch of Tea Selfies! 

Dont judge, we all do it. 

Much love to all of you! 

-Magnolia Rose