LUSH Haul + Review


I make a trip to lush typically once a month to stock up on bath bombs, purchase a few favorites, and grab some samples. I love trying out their latest products because they are always changing things up and I often find new favorites. 

After loving each product I purchased I thought I would share my thoughts, feelings, opinions, etc...



DreamWash is one of those products I have been interested in purchasing for a while but never really had a use for it. I just didn't understand the difference between a shower smoothie vs a shower gel and I couldnt justify making a purchase. After months of smelling this product and loving it but putting it back on the shelf I finally bought it! 

The Aloe Vera is what got me this time around. With summer finally here and me spending more time out in the sunshine my skin needs that extra TLC. 

This super soft shower smoothie is loaded with rad ingredients. In addition to Aloe Vera, its got Lavender, Tea Tree, Calamine, Chamomile, and my personal favorite...Rose! 

As you can imagine it smells like heaven. Its also super smooth and literally feels like you are putting chocolate mouse all over your skin. 

Thus far I am loving it! A little tip if you purchase this beauty. Let it sit on your body for a few minutes after you lather yourself up. I treat it like a body treatment. Your skin feels so much better and you really get all the benefits if you give it a little extra time to work its magic. 


Ok...I know I get a little over zealous when it comes to Lush in general and I OFTEN deem ALL of their products as my favorites. But...this one is definitely a favorite! Best face exfoliant I have honestly ever used. And can we take a second to acknowledge the bad ass name for this one. It does not get cooler than Smugglers Soul. 

I love a lot of their face scrubs but this one is top notch for me. I love that the scrub itself is super fine. It feels more like sand then chunky pieces of almonds (no offense Lush). 

Sandalwood, Argan Oil, and Shea Butter make for such a simple delicious smell. I love it!

Doing some research online I also discovered that they have this baby in a moisturizer as well as a shampoo! Check it out > Moisturizer & Shampoo Bar 


Lush is great about samples, if you want to try something ask! With my purchase of DreamWash I passed on a shower gel this round. So instead I asked for a sample of Outback Mate

This one smells super yummy with Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus. Its minty and beachy making you feel happy and clean! 


I go above and beyond to make my Self Love Sunday bath nights magical. As far as candles, music, herbs, intentions, and energy go - its the bath bombs that really make it what it is. 

Bath bombs are really where my Lush addiction started. I have tried them all! Heres what I bought for the month of July! 


TWILIGHT - This one is a staple. A very favorite that holds a special place in my heart. It swirls around your bath turning the water into a pink, purple, and blue night sky with little bits of sparkle. It smells of Lavender and Tonka (which I have recently learned is that secret ingredient I am obsessed with). 

This super gentle slow release bath bomb smells totally magical. Its got a warmth to it that makes you feel totally loved by the universe itself. The Lavender relaxes you, the Tonka is incredibly intriguing, and its got a hint of Ylang Ylang for a little bit of sexy. 


HONEY BEE - This one is one of my grounding bath bombs. In addition to the obvious honey smell its super earthy! I like to mix herbs with this one for a little extra Gaia Goddess in my life. 

Orange, Honey, Tofee, Bergamot and Moroccan Rhassoul Mud is what makes this extra special. Its also got a hint of Aloe Vera so expect some silky soft skin! 


YOGA BOMB - We started off on the wrong foot but now im obsessed. The Yoga Bomb is a super grounding and uplifting bath bomb. Your bath looks like a sunset and smells like a field of oranges and incense. 

I am glad I gave it a second chance after our first encounter because bath night with this one is a groovy journey you dont want to miss out on!


SEX BOMB - This is one of their most popular bath bombs and for good reason. In my book this is the ultimate Self Love bath bomb. Definitely a favorite and definitely one I purchase every time I go. 

This is a sexy bath bomb with all the aphrodisiacs loaded into it! Jasmine, Clary Sage, and Ylang Ylang. You feel relaxed and loved while your senses dance around making a very romantic bath night. 

I also love this one for that special time of the month. Clary Sage is the key to shitty periods! 

And thats my latest purchase! Until next time my sweets...

Much love, 

-Magnolia Rose

February LUSH Haul (Valentines Day)

The last two times I have gone to Lush I have been a little bummed out. They have either been completely out of their bath bombs or only have a small selection of products actually in stock.

This last time around they were pretty much out of all of their Valentines day/February products but luckily they were back in stock with their usual bath bombs since they were completely sold out around Christmas time the last time I went. So if you are wanting their Valentines selection maybe go during a weekday or order your goodies online. 

One of my favorite things about Lush is that they constantly have new products for the holidays! This keeps things exciting! Because they were so low on Valentines Day goodies I went with some of the basics with one exception which I am really excited about! 

The exception is this adorable bath bomb called the "Love Locket". Its a pricier bath bomb but for good reason! This one is special. It comes with a bonus bath bomb on the inside and when you break it in half you can use each side in two separate baths. Essentially you get three bath bombs in one product! 

To make things even more special the secret inside heart is filled with tiny little paper hearts and seaweed hearts. Awwww...

The love locket smells of vanilla and jasmine making it perfectly romantic for Valentines Day. This is one that is perfectly themed for my weekly "Self Love Sunday" rituals so I am super excited to use this one closer to Valentines day or when I am in need of some serious me time. 

Up next goes along with the general theme of Valentines Day but is a Lush classic as well as one of my absolute favorites!

This delicious bath bomb is called the "Sex Bomb" and it smells of jasmine, clary sage, and ylang ylang. Its super fun to watch unfold in the bath because the center flower blossoms as the bath bomb unwinds.

My cute friend Michelle picked out this next one! Shout out to her for having great taste! This ones called the "Pink Bath Bomb"  and its inspired by Audrey Hebburn. It smells of vanilla and cotton candy making sexy and fun! It comes with a confetti surprise on the inside which I cant wait to see. The pink hearts in the center make it super cute while it turns your bath water pink! 

Last is another favorite of mine! This one is called "Twilight"  and it smells magical! I used this one the night I got it, I couldnt resist! 

It smells of lavender mixed with something else that I cant pick out. Its got a dusky incense kinda of a smell. Its so relaxing and intriguing making for a magical bath night. It has a sweet blue center that turns your bath water a pink/purple color like a gorgeous night sky.

Magical is the best word to describe this one.

They have some other really fun Valentines Day products along with their usual bath bombs. Maybe i'll do some online shopping here in the near future! 

Hope you guys are having a great start to your week! Here is to a month filled with lots of love! 

Much love!

-Magnolia Rose