Hey BABES! Exciting News! 

Back in June I announced that I wanted to do a giveaway once I had hit 500 subscribers on YouTube as a way to say THANKS to all of you for your love and support!

I have officially hit 500 subbies and I feel so incredibly grateful, excited, and loved by all of you. I know in the world of YouTube 500 doesn't seem like a lot, but to me its a BIG DEAL and its worth celebration! 

SO! To say thanks, lets do our giveaway!!! 

If you would like to enter to win a Lorac Pro Pallet OR Lorac Pro 2 Pallet, watch the video directly on my > YouTube channel <

-All details are in the video as well as the description bar. 

-Deadline is September 30th, our lucky winner will be announced sometime in October.

For more info on the Lorac Pallets check out my blog post comparing the two different pallets and/or check out their site directly for product descriptions on the LORAC PRO PALLET AND LORAC PRO PALLET 2

I cant thank my subbies enough for continuously supporting and encouraging me, ESPECIALLY throughout the last few months which some of you may know have been extremely difficult for me. Your love means the world to me.

Much love to all of you! 

-Magnolia Rose