What The Heck Is Tarot?

Tarot: Shadowscapes deck

Tarot: Shadowscapes deck

Unless you actually use Tarot cards you either have no idea what they are or you probably have some silly stereotype in your head about what they are. 

In my opinion Tarot cards are one of the most misunderstood spiritual tools out there. Being someone who takes them seriously, loves them, and uses them often I feel the need to share what they are about. I used to be one of those people who was totally missing out because I had some silly stereotype in my head.

What The Heck Is Tarot? 

Tarot: Thoth deck

Tarot: Thoth deck

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards. Each card has an image, a name, and a number that all represent something different. 22 of these cards are called Major Arcane cards and they represent a quality or archetype. The other 56 are called Minor Arcane cards and they are split into 4 different groups Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles (more on that later). 

All tarot decks are the same 78 cards with the same general meaning. Really the only difference is the artwork with one exception being the Thoth deck that includes some extra cards. For example I have 2 different tarot decks that I alternate between when doing readings and I use the same book to interpret each cards meaning. Really you could have a whole library of different Tarot decks and really only need the one book to interpret them. 

To me Tarot is the tool I use to speak to my conscious, my inner self, my soul, or like Gabby Bernstein calls it my ING (inner guide). Tarot is the key or the translator so that I can understand what needs to be interpreted. Tarot is essentially a tool for self awareness, self understanding, and psychological/spiritual growth. 

Isn't Tarot Evil? 

Tarot: Shadowscapes deck

Tarot: Shadowscapes deck

No. This is so beyond stupid it makes me laugh.

The only time Tarot could possibly be a scary thing is if the person using them is scary themselves. Tarot cards are a tool and nothing more. They are a tool the same way a screw driver is a tool, just because some psycho somewhere beats someone up with a screw driver doesn't mean that all screw drivers or the people using them are evil. 

So where did this silly stereotype come from? The Christian church and their outdated superstitious doctrine. Because the Christian church tends to be against anything but its own shenanigan its frowned upon even today.  

Being that Christianity is one of the most wide spread religions out there you don't see Tarot too often unless you are out looking for it. In my experiences Tarot isn't something that is talked about too often because I think in general most people that use them are on board with the belief that your spiritual journey is YOUR spiritual journey. This is one topic among many others I want to incorporate more often into my blog because in general there is a lack of knowledge around the topic and I think people should learn more about it. 

So if you heard some silly rumor once that Tarot is evil or represents the devil that is a bunch of bullshit created from ignorance, fear, and a huge lack of understanding.

As with anything I believe you have to find what works for you, find your truth, your belief, and your own way of doing things. 

Where Did Tarot Come From? 

Tarot: Shadowscapes deck

Tarot: Shadowscapes deck

No one really knows. It is known that they existed in India and the Far East back in ancient times and were most likely brought to Europe by the Knights Templar during and after the crusades to the Holy Land. Some say gypsies brought Tarot from the Far East to Europe during the Middle Ages. One cool dude named Antoine Court de Gebelin said that the 22 Major Arcane cards was an ancient Egyptian book, he believed that mysterious tablets were brought to Europe by traveling priests. So know one really knows where they originated from, theres just a lot of assumption. 

In the 19th century it was brought over to America from Europe. This is when there was a wide spread of magic, esoteric mysticism, and occult practices. Now a days Tarot is way more accepted than when it was back in the day. Many people use Tarot in their every day lives (Christians included). Getting Tarot and Angel readings from psychics/mediums is all over the place. Before I started purchasing decks of my own I went and got some kick ass readings every month at psychic fairs. 

Its definitely a growing interest. As time goes on and religious groups start to loose their juice, more and more people are turning to New Age/Alternative practices to guide and influence their lives. 

How Does It Work? 

This is one of those paragraphs I have written over and over again trying to explain in a really easy to understand way how Tarot works. Its like someone asking how prayer works or how the Law of Attraction works. Tarot just has the bonus of coming with lots of synchronicity and patterns along with rad artwork and tons of symbolism. Its one of those things you either need to see done, or have done yourself to understand how it works. 

"The Tarot works because it plays the chords that resonate in your soul. It is the music of your self."

Curious? Now What? 

Go get a reading from someone. If you are in Utah, check out the psychic faire at Dancing Cranes. They do it the last Saturday of every month and its a great place to meet a ton of different mediums and psychics. If you know me personally and want to go let me know! I would love to go with you, I have taken tons of family and friends to go get readings.

Meetup.com is a great tool for where ever you are at location wise. You can find tons of places, people, and groups to get readings done. Just search Tarot readings, Oracle readings, Angel readings etc...

If you are wanting to do a reading yourself I would suggest starting with Oracle cards. They are a little less intimidating than Tarot cards because there are less cards in each deck, they are simpler to interpret, and theres not as much going on with each individual card. Think of Oracle cards as an introductory to Tarot. 

Oracle Cards: Magdelene deck

Oracle Cards: Magdelene deck

There are so many Oracle cards to choose from. Doreen Virtues Oracle cards are really popular. Any of hers that you take an interest in I think you should go for. With Tarot or Oracle just choose a deck that you really dig the artwork on or are really drawn to. 

Each Oracle deck has a little mini book that comes with it to interpret the cards because each Oracle deck is totally different. Tarot you will need to purchase a book separately to interpret the cards. One book will work for most Tarot decks. 

Self discovery and self awareness starts with YOU. You my love gotta figure it out, make it personal, and find what works for you. I will have future posts that dive into the cards themselves in more detail, along with specific readings that I feel I should share. I am excited to start writing more about this topic! Tarot has been such an amazing tool on my spiritual journey and I am really grateful to have had them come into my life. 

Much love to you! 

-Magnolia Rose

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

What made you happy this week? 

Focusing on the positive is something I am all about. I think in the busyness of all of our lives its good to take some time to just sit and think about the past week and be grateful for the awesome things happening in life.

Throughout the week there were times I felt completely overwhelmed and chaotic. When thinking back to my week I realized I really didn't have much to freak about. I think sometimes I create chaos because I am used to it and its comfortable. Making lists like this and thinking back to all that happened this week makes me realize this tendency I have. Really this week was awesome! The crazy I experienced was something I created. This is why I love blogging, I start to realize things about myself as I write. Its fantastic! 

This week was basically filled with great people, great food, and great times. I sure enjoyed it! 

1. Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee....I had lots this week! The coffee we bought from the store was not very good which meant going to Beans & Brews often! Made my week so great! They even messaged me on Twitter saying thanks for all the shout outs I gave them. That was cool, since I am basically their biggest fan! 


2. Thinking of Disney. We are about ready to start planning our next trip, so there has been lots of talk thus far of Disneyland! Just fantasizing about going makes me all giddy! We would be flying this time rather than driving. Would we want to go when its decorated for Fall or Christmas? Quick 1 day trip or decent 3 day trip? AHHH! So much excitement! 

3. Day date Thursday! Josh and I went to brunch Thursday early before work. It was nice because we were basically the only ones there. It was a very peaceful breakfast at Cafe Niche (which I am now addicted to). Their food is absolutely amazing! My lovely sister is obsessed with brunch and I think I finally understand the craze about it.

It just feels good to be around people you love in a beautiful place eating fantastic food and having great conversation. After breakfast we went to Lush because they have all their new products for Fall/Christmas coming out. I was really overdue for some new products! Being there makes me realize how obsessed I am with Lush. Haha one of the ladies called me "The Lush Queen". If that is a brand I am associated with that is A-OK with me! 


4. My dear friend Connor came to visit from Colorado. We had a blast! We always have fun with each other because we are both total goofs! It was so good to see him!


5. Saturday Josh and I went to Cheesecake Factory. Even though we have done a lot of fun things the last few weeks we had also had a lot of shitty food and gaming nights. It was time for a fancy feast, so we got all dressed up and went out to dinner! It was packed as usual but we got seated relatively quick! I was in the mood to try all new things which was super fun! 


6. I pulled an amazing tarot reading. I had 3 wands which represent action. Essentially what I learned is that things are in the works and its go time. I need to organize my thoughts and goals and prioritize what I want to do. Pulling my cards myself is a very personal and spiritual experience for me. It feels like therapy and I get so excited about my self discovery and working on my shit. I think taking some time out of the week to focus on you is important. So this "me time" is all about reflection, journal writing, and tarot :) 


7. I have so many books on my to read list. It takes me so long to read a book because I have the worst attention span! I am reading Gabby Bernsteins Sprit Junkie book right now, and have been for the last 6 months! Ha! Always good thoughts and things in her books, I will finish it by next Sunday!

8. NERD ALERT! With the new WoW expansion you get a level 90 character boost. After lots of thought on what I want to use my boost for I chose a human rogue. Holy shit kids they're the coolest! I nerd out hard and lots of thought goes into each character and what they specialize in, look like, their name etc...and I was so worried I was gonna waste my boost on something dumb! Shes pretty cool, lets just say that! Happy about my choice!

9. Vampire Diaries and The Originals! So since I burned through the last season of Vampire Diaries like an obsessed psycho I now have to wait for each episode of the new season like a normal person and watch it once a week. I started The Originals on Netflix so I could also obsess over that! It gives me my fix haha! I love those shows! 

*SPOILER ALERT: So if you're up to speed on Vampire Diaries then you know that we just learned that Damon & Bonnie met someone else in this weird limbo that they are in. Bonnie got her magic back which is sweet cause that means they will most likely will be able to come back from limbo and be around again! AHH! So great! 

10. Sundays are my favorite day of the week! Drinking coffee in my living room, cuddled up with all three dogs, writing about things that made me happy this week. This is what makes me happy! The simplicity of having a day to just slow down a little feels good, and I NEED it to start my work week off right. 

Make this next week great and enjoy the rest of your lovely Sunday! 

Much Love! 

-Magnolia Rose