October Self Love Challenge!

As some of you may know, Self Love Sundays for me have become a weekly ritual of sorts...I view Sundays as a day of rest, a day to re charge, a day for relaxation, its a day to get back to my roots, ground myself, and prepare for the coming week.

Without this my week seems to be drastically different. Ive been doing this for a while and have really enjoyed the benefits!

My weekly ritual consists of a relaxing bath, a good book,  a face mask, music, candles, and some kind of drink or treat! Sometimes I will spend some time writing in my journal afterwords, sometimes mantras, oils, and/or mediation music is involved. It just depends on what I am feeling/needing. 

About once a month I turn the whole night into a spa night! I recently filmed my spa night which you can view HERE! I dont do the whole shenanigans every week but every once in a while its nice to change it up!

Either way this is my time, a time for me to let go and re start for the week. Its a personal customizable time for myself. And above everything its a time to get to know myself and develop a personal loving relationship with myself.

To some people this might seem like such a foreign, unimportant thing or even a bit narcissistic. But here's the deal and here's why it's important.

I think so often people expect approval, acceptance, and love from others instead of just approving, accepting, and loving themselves. Too often we look to others for these things and in my personal opinion when we dont already have it within ourselves and we expect others to do it for us were never really satisfied. Not only that but how can you expect someone to love you if you dont love yourself? And how can you love someone else if you dont love yourself? Things to chew on...

Ultimately if you have a loving relationship with yourself then your relationships with others are more loving. Sort of a "you get what you put out" type thing...If that makes sense?

And for those of you busy ones that work full time or have kids this is even more important! You will give more to your relationships and your work if you can take a break for a second. Again this is about finding what works for you, your schedule, your life, and your needs :)

So on that note...I encourage ALL of you to start doing something for YOU starting October 1st (or if you read this later in the month start NOW). It can be weekly, monthly, daily etc...It could be an exercise routine, a girls night (or guys night), join a book club, start a blog, scrapbook, meditate etc..Whatever it is that you choose to do for you is personalized for you. It just needs to be something for YOU, make this a time where you get to know yourself and develop a relationship with yourself.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”

So! Here is a personal look into what I do weekly for ME. On top of my daily yoga (which I will be continuing into October) I do a weekly bath night. I like to call it "Self Love Sunday."

Heres what goes on in my weekly "Self Love Sunday"

Bubbles....Lots Of Bubbles...

I LOVE bubbles! I use Lush Products often, and absolutely love them! They can be pretty expensive, especially when you are doing bath nights every week sometimes twice a week. So I splurge every once in a while and will do a Lush haul. When I am out of Lush products I like to use Dr Teals bubble bath along with some Epsom Salt! Depending on what bath product I am using I will usually pair it with one of my essential oils for added benefits.

Books, Music, & Meditation...

If I am currently reading a book I will usually opt for that. Sometimes i'll just lay there listening to rad music, and other times I listen to guided meditations. Totally up to you!

A Time For Cleansing...

I always always always have water with me! But sometimes my drink of choice is tea or wine. Other times I choose a food option haha. Yes I have literally eaten cake in the bath tub! Sometimes I go for my favorite candy and other times I go for Nutella!

Face mask wise my favorite is the Lush BB Seaweed face mask. It smells like rose and has the greatest combination of cleansing and moisturizing that you would ever want in a face mask.

Along with cleansing I always have some kind of stone with me in the bath. Depending on what I need depends on the stone. I always have Quartz Crystal with me, and I just recently bought this heart shaped Rose Quartz for me to symbolize self love so it joined me this time around!

This has become a weekly event that I really look forward to. It has really become a positive thing in my life that I will forever continue!

I hope you enjoy this post! Take some time for you! Self Love October is gonna be great!

Much love as always to you!

-Magnolia Rose

My Spiritual Beliefs

1.) What is your belief, religion, spiritual view etc...? What do you believe in?

I dont believe in a specific god or a goddess. I believe in the universe and I believe in energy. I believe in my intuition. I believe in my divine self and discovering the divine in me. I believe that our minds are more powerful then we know and that you can manifest anything you want in your life when focusing on positivity, love, and what your goal is. I believe in finding a balance in all things!

2.) How did you come to find your beliefs? Did you have an epiphany? Was it something you grew up with? Was it a conclusion you came to over time?

I think that it has always been apart of me. Growing up I felt like I always had this inner battle going on between my beliefs and someone elses. I had gotten so used to living through someone elses beliefs that it was slowly pushing my beliefs further and further away. It wasn't until I put a stop to it all, let go of my ego, and opened my mind that it happened naturally. My beliefs sort of slipped back into place and I felt at home :)

3.) What do you LOVE about it and what does it mean to you?

I love that its mine. I love that it isn't something you can put a title, label or a name on and that it is customized to fit me and my unique self. I love that it is focused on love and positivity, I love that it pushes me to be better every day, I love that its forever changing with me, and that its a huge part of who I am, where I have been, and where I am going.

4.) What makes your beliefs unique?

So often religion is focused on worshiping the divine and being more like the divine. My belief is that I am divine and my journey on this earth is learning more about me and becoming my best self. I will use these beliefs to help my children find their own unique beliefs.

5.) Are you apart of a community/group? Who do you look to when you need advice or guidance?

I am not a part of any group or community however I identify best with light workers.

6.) Are you open about your beliefs? Why or why not?

Absolutely! Its a huge part of who I am. I don't push my beliefs onto anyone because part of what I believe is everyone deep down has their own unique beliefs and part of the fun in life is discovering it. I love to hear about others beliefs just as much as I like to share my own. 

7.) Are there any misconceptions about your beliefs/religion?

People tend to judge what they don't understand. I imagine that using energy to clear a chakra would be pretty fucking weird to anyone who has never done it.

8.) What tools or references do you use to practice your beliefs?

Yoga, meditation, hiking, tarot cards, music, essential oils, incense + self help books ;) Gotta love those! Really any tool that feels right. 

9.) What are your thoughts on life after death?

It doesn't matter. I live in the here and now and I am focused on living life to its fullest with no regrets. I will experience that journey when its my time to experience it.

10.) What books/websites would you recommended for anyone interested in learning more about your beliefs/religion?

I think meditation is the best thing anyone can do when looking for any kind of answer. When you relax your mind and open your heart to what it is that you are needing I believe it will come to you. The mind is powerful! If meditation is weird at first and praying is more comfortable, do that. Putting it out there, thinking, focusing, and saying it out loud are huge parts of manifesting things into your life. Just do whatever works for you!

You are going to be your best resource! I don't think that attending a church or reading a book is necessary to discovering your beliefs. I believe its in you somewhere and has nothing to do with religion. How YOU decide to bring it about is up to you!

-Magnolia Rose