MCM DAY 1: "I am willing to witness my fear"


Welcome to week one, day one!

This is just the beginning and I am so excited you are here! Today we start simple but strong. This week we focus on becoming miracle minded.

Today might not feel like much (at first) but the beauty of this guide is the simple steps and the subtle shifts that happen by staying consistent. Replacing fear with love is hard, it takes dedication and I love how Gabby relates it to sugar. Its sneaky and in everything! 

"Releasing fear requires honesty and courage."

Todays exercise is a breeze but it is also incredibly powerful. Today we focus on WITNESSING. Your goal today is to be the witness of your thoughts, actions, and energy. It's a matter of being simply aware. Today you are an observer. Easy huh?

You are opening up your mind and planting a really rad seed that will create major shifts in your thoughts and major change in your life.

We are becoming miracle minded and we start right now. 
Throughout your day today, repeat today's affirmation when you notice fear pop up! If you need a reminder check in with the group, set your phone background with the affirmation photo, set an alarm to go off on your phone every hour, when your phone goes off say the affirmation out loud or in your head. 

We start simple, witnessing our behavior and our habits. Up your awareness and check in with yourself periodically. Witness, witness, witness.

Share your thoughts in the comments below. Be extra brave and post your fears in the comment section each time they come up. Acknowledge it, witness it, share it, and utilizing the affirmation let it go! 

When the evening hits, take out your journal and reflect on your day...

  1. What experiences trigger my fear? 
  2. What thoughts trigger my fear? 
  3. What are the feelings that come over me when I am in fear? 
  4. How does my fear affect my behavior?

*Make a list of your fears. Scale which fears are the strongest and then pick your top three. Which ones come up for you the most?

Share what feels right, witness your fears and be proud of yourself for saying yes to miracles! 

GIVEAWAY TIP: For every insta photo you share throughout our journey you will receive an EXTRA entry towards our giveaway. Make sure to use the hashtag #MiracleTribe & TAG me in the photo @MagnoliaRose (last round we gave away The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck!)

Much love!

-Magnolia Rose

May Cause Miracles - we begin tomorrow!

May Cause Miracles starts tomorrow morning! If you are not in our group you can learn more about it > HERE < and request to join > HERE <  

In a nutshell were replacing fear with love through subtle daily shifts using my very favorite book May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein. This book changed my life and ive had dozens of you ask for an "accountabilabuddy" - my #MiracleTribe has been going strong for about a year now and its one of the most fulfilling side gigs I have! 

This round I am bringing it to the blog, but the greatest convos happen in our group with the tribe. I invite you to join us! 

Heres the scoop...

Every morning I will be posting my long novel thoughts here and linking it in the group. The group post will be shorter including the affirmation + the photo reminder along with a quick thought on what our focus is each day. 

My intention is to guide you, inspire you and support you. I am here to hold you accountable and be a resource for YOU.

This is YOUR course, I get the honor of witnessing a piece of your journey and we all gain from opening up, sharing, and connecting. Honesty and vulnerability is my jam and I love facilitating a safe space where we can express our most authentic selves. We need a space where we can be real and be loved for it with no judgement and no fear.

I am here for you. Throughout our journey, please please please let me know your thoughts, feelings, feedback etc...Ask for help, ask questions, share your thoughts. I ask for your engagement because although I am a HUGE believer in what this book will do for you, its actually more about the impact you'll have on others through your journey throughout the book and after. 

This book has changed my life. Similarly to how Gabby references A Course In Miracles and the impact its teachings has had on her. This book is my ACIM. I 100% believe in this guide and I know how powerful it is because it continues to change my life every time I do it.

I would NOT be where I am without it and I know it found me when I needed it the most.

Reminder of the few things you need...

-Your book

-A pen


-Optional: Meditation space, tea, music, headphones, candles, crystals, incense, etc...customize your experience with what feels right.

*Pages 8-14 give you the details on how this book works. These pages are valuable if you are going to skip the intro ;)

Few thoughts for you before we begin...

-A Miracle is a shift in perspective. Its shifting from fear to love. You will hear this reference often.

-There will be some ACIM quotes, references, etc...throughout the book, if you are not sure what something is referring to ASK! 

-ING is a greater power Gabby refers to as inner guide. Its essentially love or a presence of love. This can be whatever it means for you - god, goddess, energy, love, light, mother earth, etc...whatever it means to you is true for you.

-Shit might come up for you. When you find yourself getting a bit resistant roll with it, vibe with it, accept it and send it love. Its your ego doing what it does best, its detected a potential threat and its trying to protect you. Let your feelings be what they are, honor them, feel them and keep going. Don't stop because things get uncomfortable for a second.

-Shit might NOT come up for you right away. Give yourself time, stay open, stay consistent and stay committed. I didn't have my holy fuck moment until round 2. Keep going. 

-At some point you will experience a shift where you are so excited and you want to start coaching your friends, your family, your spouse, your coworkers etc...DONT. Be the lighthouse, be an example. If you are like me, you'll get stoked to share your new found miracle mindset and the oversharing begins. Simply accept others where they are at and focus on your own development. Often the sharing falls on deaf ears and you end up feeling unsupported or frustrated. Your energetic impact will make a difference by itself. 

-When you don't want to wake up and meditate or you feel exhausted and would rather watch TV at the end of the day. Witness your ego resisting and get your ass up...

*Side note: realistically you might have a day here and there where you are legit running late and need to get out the door. Take the book with you and read that days passage in the bathroom or in your car. You can meditate ANYWHERE! You'll also have my post for the day to keep you on track!

Also...Each day is planned out with Saturdays open for repeating any days you feel may need more attention.

-Lastly! Pay attention to your intuition and the subtle synchronicity happening around you. This book is rad and the Miracle Mindset is fucking magic! I am stoked for you and I cant wait to get started. 

I cannot thank each of you enough for showing up. Not just for yourself but for those around you. As you begin to live a miracle minded life filled with love, so do those around you. Your energy field is magnetic and powerful! I know my vibe needs a revamp right now, thanks for being here. 

The world needs your light and I am so unbelievably proud to be apart of your journey.

So thank you & see you babes tomorrow morning! 

Much love!!

-Magnolia Rose