MCM Day 25: "All encounters are holy encounters"

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Two things…

1. What we project onto others we reflect back onto ourselves. Remember that the thoughts you have about others are a mirror reflection of the thoughts you have about yourself.


2. All relationships are assignments for spiritual growth

Your ego might resist these two truths because its looking to protect itself. Move through it - witness, be willing to see it differently, forgive and send it lots of love.

Your world is a reflection of your inner world. When we attack others its really a cry for help, its our egos way of attacking them so that they are the focus and we can feel temporarily safer.

It all comes down to one thing...FEAR. Its just fear and its incredibly simple.

Throughout this book you get good at sending love to all of your bullshit. You realize what fear really is and what your egos job really is all about. You learn to acknowledge it for what it is, choose love instead and move forward. Its a beautiful process.

Remember that every encounter is an opportunity for spiritual growth. Be grateful for each one in your life.

Much love,

-Magnolia Rose

MCM DAY 6: "I believe in miracles".

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Congrats on your first week and HAPPY FRIDAY!

During this guide you will learn that a miracle is simply a shift in perception. A miracle is the moment that you choose to let go of fear and choose love instead. Its choosing a better way and you have been creating them all week! Each time you used your affirmation, thought about what you are grateful for, practiced forgiveness and thought more positively you were creating miracles. 

This book teaches you new habits, miracle habits that shift your perspective and naturally create happiness. 

Today, be grateful for this week and what you have accomplished. Remember that miracles are natural and they are your birthright. 

Use todays affirmation when fear pops up, share it, save it as your background and set your alarms for your reminders! End the week strong and positive.  

In todays thread in the Facebook group, I would like for each of you to share one (or more) miracle moments that you experienced this week. 

Also! Saturdays we have off, be sure to do something relaxing tomorrow. Working through fear is exhausting and it can often bring up a lot. Take this team to heal and relax with no agenda or pressure. Saturdays can be great days for prep if you would prefer to read all about week 2 before we begin back on Sunday. I like to stock up on any bath bombs needed for the week and update my Spotify playlists.

Make today great and be sure to let us know what you need! 

-Magnolia Rose

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