MCM Day 22: "Today I am the witness to my egos false perceptions of others"


This week is my favorite! Our relationships are our greatest teachers and I truly believe that relationships evoke growth and healing. Today just like we have every Sunday, we begin by witnessing.

Be mindful of your interactions today. Think about how you create separation with those around you because of judgment, attack and/or comparison.

When you notice yourself in fear mode spiced with a little negativity and maybe some projection, stop what you are doing and witness your behavior. Don’t begin judging yourself, instead take a breathe and use your affirmation to work through it.

By witnessing this process you create the process of undoing it which is rad! This is a huge step in becoming miracle minded.

As we begin a new week, take some time today to think about your journey so far. Have there been days you skipped? Maybe mornings or the evenings depending on your schedule? Are you noticing a trend? What days do you struggle with the most or feel the most resistance? What are you doing to work through that to ensure you get the most out of this guide? What can you do differently this week?

If you have made it to week 4, congrats! Week 3 is typically when a lot of peeps fall off and start over - you should be proud of yourself, you have created a daily practice that is life changing and I am super proud of you!

Much love!

-Magnolia Rose

MCM Day 17: "I am not a body, I am free"

day 17.jpg

Truth bomb....You are NOT special and neither are those around you or those you look up to.

We are all one. Everyone is equal and the "specialness" we’ve created doesn't exist, its an illusion.

Gabby reminds us that our egos will try to keep us from this truth, it resists it to continue thriving. I think deep down we all have a need to feel special, superior, thriving, successful, etc…because it means we matter.

Gabby mentions a passage from A Course in Miracles that explains that the ego is insane. The ego holds the body dear because it lives and dwells in it…

"It is a part of the illusion that has sheltered it from being found illusionary itself."

She later mentions that this concept may not be easily understood at first. If its confusing, its a good sign! "Whatever is INSANE to your ego is SANE to you."

Chew on that thought for today and remember we are all one and we are all equal. Specialness only exists in the illusion we have created because of a need to feel secure, valued, and important.

If you are struggling understanding today just roll with it, surrender your ideas of it and let it go. Trust the journey and remember we are one.

Use todays affirmation and use it often! Set your alarms as well as your backgrounds! Sending love!

-Magnolia Rose