MCM DAY 5: "I forgive myself for choosing fear, today I choose love instead."

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“The unforgiving mind is full of fear"

I love this quote from todays reading. It puts forgiveness into perspective for me, I can gauge how much forgiveness is needed based on how much fear I am experiencing.

Today we practice forgiveness and this week we start with our inner dialogue. Think about the conversations you have with yourself, the limiting beliefs you believe and feed into, what judgements do you place on yourself and why?  

Today I want you to let go of all self attack, let go of your self judgment, let go of what you THINK others might think of you, let go of any anger, resistance and of course...fear! Forgive yourself for any limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. 

When fear pops up, forgive it and simply choose a better way. Use your affirmation and check into the group, let us know how we can be here to support you!

Be kind to yourself, forgive all of your fears and send each one some serious love. Forgive every negative thought and anyone in your life that needs some forgiveness.

Just let it all go for today, one day. 

Forgiveness is such a powerful tool, it requires strength and grace. It’s badass to choose the path of forgiveness and today we get the opportunity to practice that. 

Much love!

-Magnolia Rose

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Yoga Update

Last month I posted a very personal blog post along with some intentions and a goal for September. Now that September is over I can very proudly say I completed my challenge, and the benefits have been awesome! 

My goal was to do 30-60 minutes of Yoga every day, weekends included. I did skip a few Sundays and the day I started my period but other than that it happened every day. 

Doing this challenge was just what I need. And it has and will continue to play a huge part in my healing process. 

The benefits from an exercise routine in general are rad but being that yoga is a mind, body, and soul exercise means you get extra goodies! I think out of all the benefits that come from a consistent yoga practice, the most influential one is a better sense of awareness. I am learning to listen to my body and to trust myself. By doing this I am developing a great relationship with myself/my spirit. 

My sister gave me a CD by Caroline Myss, she talks about the spirit and how so many of us live our lives not thinking our spirit has a job to do until we die. I had never thought of it that way but I am guilty of this way of thinking. What if we put our spirit to work while we are alive and what would a life like that look like?

This is one of those journeys that will go on forever. So this post is an update not an end result post. 

And to wrap this all up in a bow here are some of my favorite pics from my yoga challenge! 

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Much love! 

-Magnolia Rose