HowTo Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Todays topic....BRUSH CARE!

Since joining the makeup scene and doing a fair amount of research on sanitation and how to care for my tools I realized that I have been cleaning my brushes all wrong for years! 

You should deep clean your personal brushes at least every other month! To some of you this may seem like a lot but keep in mind all the oil and build up that is accumulating on your brushes after each use. And all those oils and build up you are re applying to your skin every time you use them. So to dive right in, here is what you need for your makeup brush deep clean!

-Water: I like to have a bowl of water so that I can sit down and take my time. I also like the bowl because you have more control over where water is getting on the brush. You can use a spray bottle, the sink, a bowl etc...your choice!

-Something to mix in: Bowl, plate, your hand etc...whatever you want!

-Baby Shampoo: Its important to use a soft sensitive shampoo or a gentle soap!

-Towel and/or Paper Towels: I use both!

Set up all your shenanigans so your all set and ready to go!

Get your brush wet! It is important not to dip the metal part in the water. Brushes are held in the base of your brush by glue. You get the glue wet and your bristles are sure to fall out! I play it safe and go just before the metal part when dipping it in the water. This is why I like the bowl of water vs the sink ;)

Place a small dot of baby shampoo in your mixing bowl, hand, plate, whatever you decided to use.

Fan out your brush from side to side while creating bubbles! Sort of a twisting and pushing motion. Go back to your bowl of water to get wet again, then back to the mixing bowl to fan out your brush and create bubbles again. Go back and forth until you feel good about it. After you have shampooed your brush get it wet again, use your fingers to rinse out the bubbles, water, and makeup in the mixing bowl. Do this until the water in the brush runs clear!

If you rinse it in the mixing bowl which you will clean after each use than you dont have to replace your water as often.

Do the same fan motion on a paper towel to dry your brushes!

It is important to re shape your brush while its wet before placing it down to dry! I do this by pinching the point of the brush with my fingers.

After re shaping your brush place it down on a towel. This part is important! You dont want the brush part touching the towel. The brushes need to be hanging over the edge to hold its correct shape AND to avoid the brush becoming mildewy.

DONT put your brushes facing up in a jar or container to dry, I used to do this and its dumb! All the water is going to drip down into the base of the brush (where the glue is) and make your bristles fall out. AFTER you brushes are dried place them in a cup with the brushes facing up or in a brush roll that has brush slots (only after your brushes are dry).

After each brush is clean I use that same paper towel I dried the brush on to clean out the mixing bowl so its ready for the next round. I than get a new paper towel for the next brush! Change out your water as ofter as needed. Depending on the brushes I usually change the water every 3 brushes or if the water starts to change color.

For in between use I use Japonesque brush cleaner. I LOVE this stuff! It smells like oranges which everyone always comments on! It strips all the makeup off the brush quick and within a few wipes. Its also pretty cheap so its a win win in every way!

Taa-daa! I hope this sheds some light!

Much love!

-Magnolia Rose

DIY Basic Makeup Artist Kit

After all the stress and run around involved with putting together this kit I am so happy the bulk of it is over. Putting together a basic makeup artists kit is a lot more work than I initially thought it was. While I was doing my research I had to go to several different resources to find what I was needing! I wish it would have all just been in one place. This blog post is going to be a bit longer for this very reason so grab a snack and continue reading!

My Makeup Kit!

Shout out to my lovely grandma who helped me put this kit together :) I couldnt have done it without you grams!

Eventually I will upgrade to a big professional case but for now this will do. I currently owned the silver box case and to be honest I dont really like these kinds of makeup cases. This one I own is smaller and has worked great but once they get to a certain size they fall apart easily. I have owned a few big ones and they have all broken :( Another thing to consider is that the boxes scratch and get scratched easily overtime this may look unprofessional.

Wanting to stay away from the box ones and not having the budget for a fancy case I bought two floral cases from Sonia Kashuk which I absolutely LOVE!

For my gore makeup I used just a basic makeup bag. This bag wont be coming with me everywhere just on special occasions.


The first Sonia Kashuk bag has two sides to it. The first side has two plastic detachable pockets. I love these because it means its easy to clean and there great bags for on the go in the case of shooting on location.

This side has lip gloss, lip liner, and lipstick in one pocket. The other pocket has eyebrow pencils, eyeliner, mascara, and liquid eye gel.

When it comes to any lip products in a kit you want variety! Some matte, glossy, and some with some sparkle.

I got the 4 little Sephora ones for free for spending a certain amount ;) You definitely want to take advantage of places like Sephora and Ulta that give you free products!

NYX has some inexpensive liners and if you get them at Ulta they almost always have a buy one get one free or 50% off deal :)

I love Ben Nye eyebrow pencils/eyeliners because you can use them for both eyes and brows! Yay! There big too which means they last longer! For liner I have a few different neutral colors and then a fun gold liquid liner.

For Mascara I went with a basic one nothing fancy and a volume plumping one both by Maybelline.

The other side has a big plastic pocket and a variety of pockets to place different items. I put all my eye shadows in the big plastic pocket. I purchased the Lorac Pro 2 because I LOVE the Lorac Pro 1 and the Pro 2 had more of a variety of colors where the Pro 1 was more of a neutral pallet. I also have a variety of Revlon eye shadows, a fun blue eyeshadow by Maybelline, a few Ben Nye Matte coral colors and some freebies! Definitely a good variety starting out! Some might say the Lorac is an expensive pallet for starting out and I definitely would agree however its my favorite and I am to in love to use anything else at this point haha.

In my case I have all face products minus some wet eye shadows by Ben Nye that I felt fit better in here.

I moved my contour pallet into my makeup kit because it offers so much variety and I recently got a new bronzer in my recent ipsy bag!

For foundation I have multiple Ben Nye colors that are super thick! These offer great coverage but can look a little cakey. I went with the NYX foundation and picked every other color they had because I want to try mixing them to get the in between colors before buying 3 or 4 more. This saves me money in the long run if it works out! If not I will be going back and purchasing the rest of there foundation.

I also have some color correctors and some basic blushes!

I talked about the Lorac primer in my latest video which you can view > HERE < I definitely wanted the full size face primer in my kit as well as the eye primer that comes with the Lorac pallet. I have NYX concealers and a basic matte powder from mac.

Here are the wet eyeshadow pallets by Ben Nye. Variety!

This case is reserved for tools!

I have some containers from Target that I can fill with whatever! I am thinking the spray bottle will probably have alcohol for sanitation. And the other two containers will be for whatever comes up! Baby shampoo is great for cleaning brushes so I got a baby sized baby shampoo (haha) for like .60 cents! then I have some tweezers, scissors, eyelash curler, brow brush, wedges, towel, and a makeup brush cleaner!

I went back and forth with brushes! Dear god this was the worst part! Brushes are tricky. At Ulta they have a bunch with great deals but the majority of kits they had were tiny travel sized ones and getting each brush individually would have cost me $60+ and I would have gotten 4 or 5 brushes! I went to Target and found this Sonia Kashuk set for $30 or $40 I cant remember I was so excited haha but its a set of 15. One is missing because I took it for my personal stash because there were two in here that looked like bronzing brushes and I didnt have one.

Not only was it a steal of a deal but how cute are these! I love the gold and the purple!

My gore kit really isnt fancy just a bunch of messy stuff haha!

Advice and things...

Do Your Research!

Even though this post will have a little bit of everything still shop around for info. Everyone uses different products and everyone has there way of doing things. Looking at multiple references can help you get a grasp on what YOU want and what YOUR style is going to be.

You also want to price check websites that sell actual kits. They typically range anywhere from $500-$1500 depending on where your looking. One thing to chew on when thinking of purchasing a kit from someone is that you don't have control over what products/brands your buying. For me I have staple brands that I cant steer away from (Lorac being an example).

Set A Budget And Stick To It!

Sometimes this can be frustrating and if your like me the second you get in the store you have died and gone to heaven. Keeping this in mind I went shopping with a few things...



-List of what I needed

-List of what I wanted

Going in with a clear understanding of what your budget is and what you want/need is important! I went down my list of needs first and as I picked up the item wrote down the price next to it in my note pad before putting it in my shopping bag. After I had gone through all of my needs I totaled my shit up and had a new budget for things I wanted. Did the same thing for that and managed to do a bomb job at staying in my budget.

Keep Your Receipts!

I spent the weekend at Ulta & Target. Keeping my receipts I was able to keep track of what I spent. So when I went to target and saw the Sonia Kashuk brushes that I LOVED and saw I would be saving at least $20 going with that brand than the ones I got at Ulta AND I would be getting more brushes I went and returned the Ulta ones and now had $20 to spend!

Even after your sure your keeping your products save your receipts for tax purposes later. If you end up making above a certain amount of money you can use these come tax time as business expenses!

Makeup Is Great, But TOOLS Are Important!

Starting out you dont want the most expensive brushes because during the learning curve is when your going to make the bulk of your mistakes BUT without good tools you cant do your best. This would be like a hairstylist using dull scissors!

Get some good eyelash curlers with interchangeable rubber parts. The last thing you want is to cut someones eyelashes off!

You want brushes that are decent. Do your research there!

Brush cleaner is important and a must have! If you want to be a professional makeup artist you need to act like a professional.

I didnt go with the fancy beauty blenders because there expensive. Starting out I went with some wedges that I can throw away after each use.

I also spent $40 of my budget on some makeup books. I really like Bobbi Browns book, its an easy read with gorgeous pictures! Written really well! Lauren Conrads books are also great reads as there easy, simple, and straight to the point. Just like any profession you need to educate yourself!

Misc Tips...

NYX has some cheap products that are awesome for photo shoots! You could basically build your kit off of that entire brand!

Keep in mind that you will be upgrading and your kit will forever be evolving and growing. Dont be to upset if you cant afford to get certain things. Prioritize what you want and try to find the products that are multi functional.

Go through your makeup stash and find products you have but dont use all the time. I have so much makeup in my drawer that I havent used much of. Why not clean these items and add them to your makeup kit? Start crossing off items you no longer need and save some money!

Pinterest! Make a board to organize your thoughts! I find having it all in one place laid out where I can see it all makes me feel less stressed.

Take advantage of stores like Ulta & Sephora that give free products and track your points. I racked up so many points at Ulta that I used towards my kit getting me free products. If your spending the money why not track points to save you money? Both of these places give out free testers and makeup for spending money! Use these! Dont throw away testers just cause there small, use them! Test them! Learn!

Look into becoming a Mac Pro member. Most schools offer a Mac Pro member card. This can be super helpful when purchasing products specifically for your makeup kit.

What Products Are Typically In A Basic Makeup Kit?




Pallet of concealers

Pallet of eye shadows (some wet)

Pallet of brush, bronzer, & highlighter

Makeup setter

Foundation and foundation powder

Liquid eye gels

Lip products (gloss, stick, pencil)

Eye pencils

Brow pencils

Liquid eyeliner




Brushes (variety of lip, eye, face)

Pallet to mix on

Pallet knife


Mascara Spooly







False Eyelashes

Eye glue


Makeup Remover


Hair clips & ties

Hand sanitizer


Brush cleaner


I hope this post was helpful! I will be blogging about what I am learning as I go! This helps me alot because this is how I learn and if it helps some of you than that is even better! We can all learn together!

Much Love!

-Magnolia Rose