MCM DAY 1: "I am willing to witness my fear"


Welcome to week one, day one!

This is just the beginning and I am so excited you are here! Today we start simple but strong. This week we focus on becoming miracle minded.

Today might not feel like much (at first) but the beauty of this guide is the simple steps and the subtle shifts that happen by staying consistent. Replacing fear with love is hard, it takes dedication and I love how Gabby relates it to sugar. Its sneaky and in everything! 

"Releasing fear requires honesty and courage."

Todays exercise is a breeze but it is also incredibly powerful. Today we focus on WITNESSING. Your goal today is to be the witness of your thoughts, actions, and energy. It's a matter of being simply aware. Today you are an observer. Easy huh?

You are opening up your mind and planting a really rad seed that will create major shifts in your thoughts and major change in your life.

We are becoming miracle minded and we start right now. 
Throughout your day today, repeat today's affirmation when you notice fear pop up! If you need a reminder check in with the group, set your phone background with the affirmation photo, set an alarm to go off on your phone every hour, when your phone goes off say the affirmation out loud or in your head. 

We start simple, witnessing our behavior and our habits. Up your awareness and check in with yourself periodically. Witness, witness, witness.

Share your thoughts in the comments below. Be extra brave and post your fears in the comment section each time they come up. Acknowledge it, witness it, share it, and utilizing the affirmation let it go! 

When the evening hits, take out your journal and reflect on your day...

  1. What experiences trigger my fear? 
  2. What thoughts trigger my fear? 
  3. What are the feelings that come over me when I am in fear? 
  4. How does my fear affect my behavior?

*Make a list of your fears. Scale which fears are the strongest and then pick your top three. Which ones come up for you the most?

Share what feels right, witness your fears and be proud of yourself for saying yes to miracles! 

GIVEAWAY TIP: For every insta photo you share throughout our journey you will receive an EXTRA entry towards our giveaway. Make sure to use the hashtag #MiracleTribe & TAG me in the photo @MagnoliaRose (last round we gave away The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck!)

Much love!

-Magnolia Rose

Cafe Niche - More Than My Favorite Brunch Spot


Welcome to Caffe Niche, my favorite Saturday hot spot literally every weekend. No joke. This place has been by Saturday sanctuary every weekend since I found out I was pregnant. 

When it comes to the food, they have a fabulous variety. It's organic, fresh and local. I leave Niche feeling refreshed. Where most breakfast locations leave you feeling tired and bloated, you leave Niche with energy and nourishment. 

I order their Niche Breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, a baguette instead of toast, hash browns, avocado and steamed spinach. I cover it in salt and pepper, add a little ketchup to my hash and a little jam to my baguette. Their coffee is pure perfection - smooth and bold, easily the best I've ever had. 

They are quick and their servers are kind, genuine, and easy to talk to. The music is good, the kind my music guru aunt Lisa and her husband Grooveman Tim would appreciate. If you are lucky grab a patio seat and Frank the neighbor cat might come say hi!

Although my constant craving for this place started 18 weeks ago, my love for Niche isnt anything new. 

My Niche journey started in 2014 on a weekend girls day with my sweet sister Anj, a fellow brunch addict who knows it all when it comes to an instagram worthy breakfast. 

2014 was my year of self discovery. Brunch and psychic fairs were a weekly affair, I kept my dark and icky home life on the DL and went elsewhere to soak up positive vibes. I hung amongst the hippies and the hipsters at local brunch hot spots and my favorite shopping spot Dancing Cranes.

I was a Niche regular even back then - I remember my "first time" like it was yesterday, I was hooked immediately. My sister and I obsessed over their baguette and nostalgic grandma jam on a gorgeous fall weekend. We were on their outdoor patio and Radiohead was on their overhead speaker. That's what got me.

It was just what I needed during a very dark time and it was perfect in so many ways. 

It's been my safe haven ever since then. It reminds me of some of the best times with my sister and takes me back to the year I discovered myself and the importance of self love. 

Today more than ever Niche knows me. This pregnancy has been tough. I have hyperemesis and until my doc switched my meds I threw up most meals. I hadn't been able to keep much down and what I could keep down was less than ideal. By the time the weekend hit I was starving and feeling incredibly malnourished. Niche to this day has been one consistent complete meal that my body can ALWAYS keep down. 

Baby and I love this place. It's well balanced, organic, local and delicious! I don't know what Niche is doing in the kitchen but it works and my body (and my baby) agrees.  

After years of love and 18 weeks of consistent perfection I felt I needed to share my thoughts.

Treat yourself this weekend with a trip to Caffe Niche. Go with a group of friends, take your mom out, make a date out of it or just go by yourself. Soak up the welcoming vibes, take pride in a local favorite and trust that your being taken care of by the very best.

Much love my sweets!

-Magnolia Rose