Our favorite summer spot

Its officially spring time and I am definitely ready for warm weather, a tan, and the much needed Mountain air! I cannot wait to take Leo hiking with us this year, Mace and I went every weekend last summer and we had a blast! 

We get really lucky and find the most amazing secluded hang out spots on every hike we explore.

So in the spirit of warm weather, here are some pictures of one of my favorite locations we will be revisiting really soon! 


Much love! 

-Magnolia Rose


My latest bath turned into a bit of an experiment that ended with cotton candy colored hair via a lush bath bomb...

So heres the scoop! 

Ive been a lush addict for a while, I have used just about everything they have. I dig the brand, what they represent, and bath time is my favorite! 

Being a bath bomb junkie and participating in regular lush chats, ive heard from a few fellow blondes that some of their bath bombs temporarily tinted pieces of their hair that accidentally got soaked in the bath.

Not wanting to mess up my super bleached hair and being a very active lush user, I took to google to see what it was all about. 

There were a few complaints about bath bombs turning pieces of their hair temporarily pink, purple, green, blue etc...nothing to drastic with the exception of one gal pal who turned her skin totally pink by rubbing the bath bomb into her skin? Complete user error. 

This sparked my curiosity. If peeps were experiencing pieces getting a bit tinted from falling in, what would happen if you soaked your whole head for like an hour. On purpose. 

Yep - a $4 lush bath bomb + netflix for an hour created this magic! 

Not only did this not cost me a damn thing (cause I was taking a bath anyways) but my hair ended up super silky soft! Like almost too soft...


-Lush Daddy-O Shampoo - let sit in hair for about 30 minutes

-Lush bath bomb soak - let your hair sit for 1 hr or longer 

*I used the lush bath bomb "PINK Bath Bomb" and mixed it with a little bit of the Karma Bubble Bar. If I were to go back I would have mixed it with the Comforter Bubble Bar - its way more PINK! 

Keep in mind - there is no guarantee that this will work for everyone, not only do I have super white/blonde hair but my hair holds onto color like crazy! Everyones hair is different, please keep that in mind.  

It is ALWAYS going to look better going to a stylist - but if you are like me and find joy in playing with your hair and you dont so much care about the results I say go for it. 

Not only did this not cause any damage to my hair but it cost me next to nothing and it turned out way better than I expected! 

Much love, 

-Magnolia Rose