My Creative Space (Office Tour)

Having a creative space to create, express, and reflect is sooooo important! Not just to create what I am passionate about but to escape into a beautiful realm of things I love! I recently just completed and put together my office which I was so excited about!

My beautiful grandmother kindly gave me her vintage desk that is massive and absolutely stunning! I dont think I have ever been more excited about a piece of furniture haha!

The top of my desk is dedicated to office essentials of course but I have also included lots of pictures, notes, and things that inspire me.

In the last 2 years I have taken so many pictures! I hung up my favorite photographs and I absolutely love seeing them all over my office! They make me feel proud of the beauty I have created and it gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Along with it being my office its also a great place to store my jewelry! Our bathroom is pretty small and overcrowded with makeup so I have a little shelf in my office that holds all my jewelry and is complete with a mirror!

One of my favorite details is the Christmas lights! Harsh lighting is the worst and reminds me of when I was in school....BLAH. So ive hung Christmas lights around the ceiling to give my office a relaxed lounge like vibe.


And last but not least I have a little reading nook with some of my favorite books, a rad vintage chair, a cute pillow, and some little trinkets! This is typically where my dogs hangout when I am working! (Dont mind the incense all over the shelf haha).

I have also created a video sneak peak of my office! You can view that below!

Thanks for tuning in! I love sharing my life with you :)

Much love!

-Magnolia Rose