With labor and delivery right around the corner we have been very busy every weekend preparing for our little one. One of the many items on my "to do" list has been getting my Hospital Bag/Labor & Delivery "tool kit" ready to go! 

Ive done loads of research, Mason thinks I am overly prepared but ive never done this before and you never know what to fully expect. If I have learned anything in pregancy its to expect the unexpected, so I would rather be that cray cray mama that is overly prepared. 

I will be going all natural so my hospital bag is tailored towards my natural birth. When looking at any reference make sure you are taking into account what your hospital does and does not provide so you know, they are all different! 

Check out the video below! 


-Fuzzy socks with grip (2 pairs) 
-Yoga socks
-Sweat pants, mine are from Gypsy Warrior.
-Nursing bras/boobie pads for both breastfeeding & for labor/delivery
-Long sleeved shirt, thrift find! 
-Short sleeved shirt, Urban Outfitters.
-Cardigan or sweater
-Robe & nightgown for labor/delivery, robe is also a good layer to have after delivery, the one I snagged is from Target. 



-Dry shampoo
-Face Wash, TruSelf Organics. 
-Moisturizer, TruSelf Organics. 
-Lip balm, overnight balm from Bath & Body Works. 
-Nipple cream, Earth Mama. 
-Bottom butter, Earth Mama.
-CC cream/tinted moisturizer, IT Cosmetics. 
-Coconut oil for lubrication & lotion for both me & baby - doTERRA always. 

-Bobby pins/hair tyes


-Heat pad
-Essential oils (deep blue, black pepper, Past Tense, InTune, balance, vetiver, lavender, geranium, Wild Orange and Peppermint). 
-Ziploc bags for essential oils, check with your hospital on diffusing oils.  


-Power strip
-Phone charger, mobile & plug in
-Cameras, Canon G7X & Canon Rebel T2i. 
-Camera chargers


-Water, my hospital provides a water bottle. 
-Coconut water
-Pistachios & almonds
-Energy bar
-Apples & peanut/almond butter (to be eaten at home) 


-Boppy, for breastfeeding (also good for a c section)
-2 swaddles, aden + anais muslim & baby blanket. 
-2 sleepers, Carters. 
-3 onesies, Carters. 
-2 take home outfits (gotta have options), Carters. 

-Socks, gloves, hats, etc..! 

-Soap & shampoo, we want to use our own non toxic soap (Honest Co) if we decide to give her a bath at the hospital. There is alot of benefits to delaying the bath. 

- MISC - 

-Birth Plan
-Wallet , drivers license & insurance cards
-Worry stone (focus item) 
-Birth stone dedicated to baby (focus item) 

I hope this is a valuable resource if you are in preparation mode right now! Sending you all so much love and light! 

Much love, 

-Magnolia Rose