Halloween Weekend

This past weekend was a great one, it was a little bit overwhelming at times because of the busy-ness going on. I am realizing that as I get older I HAVE to have a day of just being home one day of the week all day doing nothing or I just feel completely stressed and overwhelmed! 

Friday Josh and I went costume shopping because we are so so late every year! I purchased some cute kitty ears for my lion costume and Josh needed a top hat and a red jacket for his lion tamer costume. I think this year was one of our more creative costumes and one of the cheaper ones. We found an awesome red blazer at the thrift store which is such an epic find and the other items totaled to maybe $30 at Spirit Halloween. 

On our way home from costume shopping we picked up some pizza at Papa Murphy's and some Halloween movies from Target. We did a quick cleaning up of the house, showered, and started getting ready.

My inner makeup artist came out and I ended up doing a really intense kitty cat contour complete with a cat nose. I tweezed the shit out of my hair and wore all brown which was cheap and easy. A lion was born! 

Around 6:30 our good friends Daniel and Ashley came over. We had a blast! Ate a lot of pizza and a lot of candy! We watched Grave Encounters and Hocus Pocus while handing out candy to our cute neighbors. It was super fun but I definitely fell into a candy coma afterwords. 

I hope you all had an amazing Halloween! 

Much love! 

-Magnolia Rose

LORAC PRO Pallet VS PRO Pallet 2

The LORAC PRO Pallet is my favorite eyeshadow pallet. I absolutely adore everything about it. When I went to purchase the PRO Palette they had just came out with the PRO Palette 2. Being new to the LORAC family I didn't know which one to go for. PRO 1 or PRO 2? Whats different and is one better than the other? 

After not finding much online I decided to buy both. Here are my thoughts on the LORAC PRO 1 VS the LORAC PRO 2

The LORAC PRO 1 is gorgeous! It comes with 8 matte and 8 shimmer colors. It's all pretty neutral. Most of them are on the pinker side and can be mixed beautifully together. It comes with a great cream color that I like to use as a base and then a basic white and a basic black. 

The LORAC PRO 2 is a little more extreme. Again 8 matte and 8 shimmer but you have a mix of neutral and cool. This ones more on the yellow side because of all the warm gold tones but it is complete with basic great colors. And you again get a basic black but instead of basic white you get a shimmer white.  

So why would you get one over the other? 

Honestly its totally your personal preference. When comparing the two I am drawn to more of the colors in the PRO 1 rather than the PRO 2 but the PRO 2 also offers some more unique colors. 

The ONLY difference between the PRO 1 and the PRO 2 is the colors.

They are both super versatile and have amazing pigment. You get the combo of matte and shimmer in both and you get some great base colors and some fun ones in each pallet. The case for each one is slim and sleek and they both come with an eyeshadow primer.

Its just up to you color wise. If you like deeper pink hues go with PRO 1, if you like more gold yellow tones go with PRO 2, OR if you like both and cant decide go with both. Both pallets are great investments makeup wise. They last forever because they are so pigmented. Because of how pigmented they are you don't need to use a lot of eyeshadow to get the look you want. 

Check out their website for more makeup goodies! > HERE <

Much love! 

-Magnolia Rose