Gypsy Jewels - OOTD + Hair Extension Review

I love the gypsy boho style. Its comfortable, colorful, eclectic, expressive, and incredibly easy to style. It encourages creativity and typically ends up being fairly inexpensive. Most of my jewelry is handmade locally which just feels right. Another pro to this style is its unique. You dont see very many around town.  


Belt Trim Fedora Hat: BooHoo

Nose Ring: Iris Piercing

Choker: BooHoo

Labradorite Necklace: Made with love by my sweet sister 

Clear Quartz Necklace: Dancing Cranes

Nebula Necklace: I got this hand made treasure from a festival down in southern Utah

Gold Alex & Ani Bracelets: Alex & Ani

Gold Feather Bracelet: Unknown - I want to say H&M or Forever21, it was sooo long ago! Sorry! 

Green Bead Bracelet: Dancing Cranes

Rings: All from Dancing Cranes

Leggings: LuLu Lemon

Black Tank: Old Navy

Fringe Cover: Urban Outfitters

It has taken me too long to share this outfit post. These pictures were taken when I had just had my hair extensions put in. We took my purple locks blonde and added extensions which ended up being a very poor choice and a huge waste of money.

Although my hair is not the focus of the post, it is impossible for me to feel authentic posting these pictures and not share my honest (very blunt) thoughts on my very short lived long blonde hair. 

Were going to burn through this quickly because after all is said and done, I truly love my stylist as well as the salon I was going to. Ultimately they have been very good to me and I am grateful for my time at Lunatic Fringe.

The salon orders their extensions from HairTalk - formerly known as HotHeads. They swear by this brand and claim to have never received such a poor batch of hair. Funny enough, a friend of mine also got blonde extensions at the same salon and has had a similar experience. She has had the same problem I have had with the addition of multiple strips coming out. Along with my personal experience as well as my friends, a short google search will bring about loads of raging customers and some very sad pictures. 

I personally think this is why they have had a "revamp" in their brand name. It seems the HotHeads brand is well known for their poor quality. Why not just change the name? 

The HairTalk extensions were a nightmare. The quality of the hair is incredibly poor, they have a scratchy rough feel (like hay). They weren't done tight or blended well, pieces were constantly falling out and they looked terrible. I could barely put a brush through my hair without causing serious damage. I followed my stylists instructions perfectly and used the products they suggested per their instructions. Nothing I did made a difference. 

I took a trip back to my stylist a week after having them and they were incredibly disappointed and eager to fix the problem. After they reached out to the company to get the hair replaced, HairTalk said it wasnt in their warranty to fix them. It then became difficult to get an appointment. By the time I did get in it had been too long and getting them replaced was now on my dime. 

After lots of frustration and a few disagreements we agreed the salon would fix it, we switched to a shorter batch of hair (to make up for the price) and went with brown extensions (to make up for the poor quality). 

All around huge disaster. I would NOT recommend HairTalk extensions and I would suggest a large amount of research to anyone interested in extensions. Find someone who is really familiar with the brand, their warranty, and what chemicals you can and cannot use on them. Anytime you are hitting the $1,000 range for your hair, make sure everyone involved knows what they they are doing and make yourself aware of what will happen if shit hits the fan. 

On a positive note I got one really great selfie immediately following my day spent at the salon. Was it worth that much dough, definitely not. 

Much love,  

-Magnolia Rose  

Another Update Post....

I know, I know, its been a while....Ive failed yet again at being a consistent blogger. Its getting to the point where I feel like i'm not allowed to even call myself that anymore. But for the sake of being positive, maybe its just a great opportunity for a kick ass come back. 

So....whats new? LOTS


My hair is white! Im officially a "blonde" and i'm loving it! I will eventually go back to purple but I wanted white for fall time, its also easier maintenance and because I can get it wet more often I get to start taking my weekly baths again. Which I needed to bring back after how this year has gone. 

I originally went purple because I needed some excitement in my life after my grams died. The purple was a fun distraction, it was something I could focus on, have fun with, and the never ending compliments made me feel better about life. If you're interested in info on pastel hair, I filmed a video all about it > HERE <

For those in Utah looking for a kick ass hairstylist who will instantly become your newest best friend, go see Cookie at the Sugarhouse Lunatic Fringe. He is seriously the greatest.  He's changed my life for the better, Cooks I love you. 



For Halloween this year, Josh was "Harry" Potter and I was his patronus. It was actually Cookies idea, so fun! We needed something cheap, I had already been Harry Potter from a previous year (cause hes a bad ass) and the white hair worked for the patronus. It was also a really great excuse to wear a flower crown and buy this adorable poncho which ive been obsessed with ever since! 


It was one of the best moments ive had this year. Gorgeous scenery, fresh air, a little rain, a long drive, rad music, and the greatest poncho...


Long story short, stress finally knocked me on my ass this year. After a night of throwing up, my heart rate at 135, a fever, and severe dehydration I landed in the ER Thursday 11/5/15. It was scary and intense and I never want to do it again. Heres to endless amounts of water, meditation, and letting the pain of this year go. 


We have created a really great tradition with our friends to get together every month and do something as a group! 

This last weekend we made a trip up Millcreek Canyon and spent half a day in Brians family cabin playing games and having sarcastic conversation.

We started the day with brunch at Roots Cafe which was pretty good. The coffee was amazing! And after the cabin fun we finished the day with sushi at Happy Sumo. 


This cutie is the lucky winner of the Lorac Pro I did on my YouTube channel last month for hitting 500 subbies. Congrats to Kristeen!

My first giveaway was smooth sailing! No drama, no fake accounts, and no spamming. I seriously have the greatest followers. 

I say it all the time, but YouTube has been the greatest outlet for me. ESPECIALLY this year! 

My subbies have been so supportive and loving, I cant thank each and every one of them enough.

I wish I could give you all Lorac Pro pallets! 

I'll be doing another giveaway when I reach 1000 so stay tuned and if you dig my channel, share it with your friends! 


In other news...ive started working on my year end video which I know will be a really incredible healing process for me. Josh and I have started a ritual of meditating every Sunday after my very relaxing spa nights. My new work comes with Yoga classes I partake in on (most) Fridays. We're looking at another Disneyland trip. Our basement flooded. Im really excited for Christmas this year. Things are rolling. Life goes on. 

I think thats about it. 

Much love! 

-Magnolia Rose