NATURAL EVERYDAY MAKEUP with #LeMarc Liquid Lip Creme

Happy Saturday my sweet subbies! 

Today I have a very easy - natural makeup tutorial to share with you! With my crazy hormonal skin this is what I've been doing daily to liven me up a bit and hide my very dry damaged skin.

Nars Sheer Glow is responsible for my "pregnancy glow" and the Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème adds the perfect finishing touch to this natural ever day look! 

Ive never been a super fan of the nude lip until I received the Le Marc products to try out. I have to say that I actually dig the nude lip and am thankful Marc Jacobs brought me out of my shell to try something new. 

Check out the tutorial below! For further details + an in depth review of each product, check out the details below!

Up first is Cosmetic Lad from Lush Cosmetics. This moisturizer was originally designed for dudes as an after shave BUT it is perfect for us gal pals with sensitive skin! Cosmetic Lad is my favorite moisturizer and one I have consistently used for years. Its packed with incredible all natural ingredients and leaves your skin feeling (and smelling) absolutely heavenly!

Starting your makeup routine with a good moisturizer is a game changer but finding a good one can be tough. Cosmetic Lad absorbs into your skin quickly and gives your skin the hydration it needs without making your skin greasy or wet. Perfect for underneath your makeup! 

Nars Sheer Glow is up next taking my fatigued exhausted skin and giving it a natural even glow. This is one of those products I heard others rave about for years but couldn't justify spending $45+ on a foundation. It wasn't until pregnancy that I realized I needed to up my game foundation wise and invest a little. I am so grateful I made the leap and purchased this product. 

Nars is without a doubt the best foundation Ive ever used. It does the job almost too well and makes my skin come alive! It evenly covers up my impurities and gives my skin a natural gorgeous glow which I greatly appreciate. This foundation also lasts all day which means I don't have to reapply or touch up! 

As far as concealer goes, I purchased the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer to go with the foundation. Matching brands is definitely not crucial, in fact I have found many concealers over the years that I love and adore - each very different from each other. However, I do like the Nars Concealer. I don't have any problems with it creasing and it goes on beautifully. It blends nicely and just like the foundation, Nars hooks it up with a variety of colors to choose from. 

I get pretty porcelain during the winter months - for reference I use Mont Blanc for foundation and Chantilly for concealer. 

I always go with a shade lighter for my concealer because I apply it to my cheek bones in addition to my under eye area. This technique makes my cheek bones pop, especially when a little bronzer and a touch of highlighter are added. 

To blend both the foundation and the concealer I use a blender sponge. These sponges are incredibly overpriced for the ridiculous reason that they are popular.

Honestly, I don't find that the brand makes a difference one bit! I use the blender sponge from the Sephora Collection because its the cheapest.

Anytime you use foundation you naturally take out most of the depth in your face. You are essentially making your face one even skin tone which is actually very unnatural. Your skin has a variety of tones and natural shadows so making it one color totally flattens you out. Although Nars does an excellent job at giving my skin a gorgeous natural glow I do like to liven things up with a little contour.

Don't be afraid of contouring but don't overdue it either. Too much or too little can be equally terrifying. 

My favorite pallet is the Tarte - Park Avenue Princess. Both the bronzer and the blush are matte where the highlighter has more of a sheen than a glitter. This pallet works for all skin tones and gives your skin a natural sun kissed look.

Note: I don't put the blush and highlighter on until the very end as a finishing touch. 

To blend the bronzer and make sure my products stay in place, I like to use a little powder. Ive experimented with many different powders, right now I'm using the $4 Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. Its light enough that it blends softly into my skin with the bronzer without over powering it AND it doesn't make my face feel caky. 

Next up is the famous Lorac Pro Pallet which you all know I adore! I have both the 1 and 2 because they are the very best eyeshadows and between the two pallets I have every color you would ever need. I love this eyeshadow because they go on how an eyeshadow should. You don't need to apply a million layers and you don't need to worry about any smudging. They are also easy to work with and blend when doing a smokey eye or using a variety of colors. A little goes a long way and they last all day with little to no creasing or touch up required. The color variety is also top notch and they are not messy to work with. I despise messy eyeshadow that gets everywhere and then smears.  

NEXT UP is my favorite step...EYEBROWS! This is where most of my time is spent because I'm an eyebrow freak!

Bold, shaped, natural looking eyebrows make a huge difference to the overall look of not only your makeup but your face. Over drawn, misshaped or over plucked eyebrows are some of my biggest pet peeves!

Ive been through the ups and downs with my eyebrows over the years, when I was in Junior High I over plucked the shit out of my eyebrows and realized I wasn't doing it right.

I spent a solid year not touching my eyebrows at all to get them to grow to where they are now. I now pluck only a few hairs when I do my monthly touch up, I use permanent dye to take them a few shades darker and I let the arch grow to its peak! I NEVER pluck the top and I don't let anyone touch them!

When it comes to makeup I use the brand Anastasia Beverly Hills because she easily makes the best brow products, specifically the Brow Wiz pencil because its super thin which gives you full control of the product and the results look natural! 

Ive also learned to accept that my eyebrows will never be perfectly even and thats ok! Eyebrows are sisters not twins and spending too much time perfecting them to look the same wouldn't look natural anyways. Best to practice some acceptance here. 

For Mascara I use Benefit and Benefit only. They're Real by Benefit will forever by my favorite mascara but for everyday quick use I use the Roller Lash because you don't have to use a curler with this mascara. I take my time shaking the wand back and forth getting as much product on there as possible. I then slowly pull it out to curl my lashes and spread the product. I apply as many layers as I feel are needed.

What I dig about Benefits Mascaras is that the formula doesn't dry out, these mascaras last longer than any you'll find at the drugstore and they go on evenly with NO clumping. 

To finish everything off I use Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. I never thought I would use a finishing powder until I tried this product as a tester and fell in love. It gives my skin a very light dusting that perfectly combines all the different face products Ive used. It solidifies the work put into your makeup routine and gives your skin a little bit of a natural glow. 

The very last step are lips! Influenster was so very kind to send me the LeMarc Liquid Lip Creme and the Poutliner Longwear Lip Pencil complimentary for review. I was sent the nude color Light Buff which wouldn't have been my first choice but I am actually grateful I took a leap of faith and tried it out. Nude lips have never been my thing but this one I actually really like. 

I don't ever brag or recommend a product that I honestly don't love. This one I like enough that I use it often and am really digging the nude lip look. The pencil goes on evenly which I appreciate, my natural lip lines are very out of wack and all over the place so this definitely helps connect the dots.

The Liquid Lip Creme goes on evenly providing full coverage that lasts for most of the day. It says it will hold up for 8 + hours, with eating and drinking. I typically get a good 4-6 hours before it starts flaking off and looking a little dehydrated. 

Overall both products are great and I do recommend them! 

This makeup look takes me maybe 10-15 min a day and is easy to change up if desired. Switching eyeshadow and/or lip color changes the vibe entirely!

As far as brushes go, I use a combination of Eco Tools and Sonia Kashuk brushes. I also love the Tarte brushes and have both the Powder Foundation Brush/Removable Blending Sponge as well as the Airbuki Bamboo Powder Foundation Brush. 

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Much love to each & every one of you!! 

-Magnolia Rose

Gypsy Jewels - OOTD + Hair Extension Review

I love the gypsy boho style. Its comfortable, colorful, eclectic, expressive, and incredibly easy to style. It encourages creativity and typically ends up being fairly inexpensive. Most of my jewelry is handmade locally which just feels right. Another pro to this style is its unique. You dont see very many around town.  


Belt Trim Fedora Hat: BooHoo

Nose Ring: Iris Piercing

Choker: BooHoo

Labradorite Necklace: Made with love by my sweet sister 

Clear Quartz Necklace: Dancing Cranes

Nebula Necklace: I got this hand made treasure from a festival down in southern Utah

Gold Alex & Ani Bracelets: Alex & Ani

Gold Feather Bracelet: Unknown - I want to say H&M or Forever21, it was sooo long ago! Sorry! 

Green Bead Bracelet: Dancing Cranes

Rings: All from Dancing Cranes

Leggings: LuLu Lemon

Black Tank: Old Navy

Fringe Cover: Urban Outfitters

It has taken me too long to share this outfit post. These pictures were taken when I had just had my hair extensions put in. We took my purple locks blonde and added extensions which ended up being a very poor choice and a huge waste of money.

Although my hair is not the focus of the post, it is impossible for me to feel authentic posting these pictures and not share my honest (very blunt) thoughts on my very short lived long blonde hair. 

Were going to burn through this quickly because after all is said and done, I truly love my stylist as well as the salon I was going to. Ultimately they have been very good to me and I am grateful for my time at Lunatic Fringe.

The salon orders their extensions from HairTalk - formerly known as HotHeads. They swear by this brand and claim to have never received such a poor batch of hair. Funny enough, a friend of mine also got blonde extensions at the same salon and has had a similar experience. She has had the same problem I have had with the addition of multiple strips coming out. Along with my personal experience as well as my friends, a short google search will bring about loads of raging customers and some very sad pictures. 

I personally think this is why they have had a "revamp" in their brand name. It seems the HotHeads brand is well known for their poor quality. Why not just change the name? 

The HairTalk extensions were a nightmare. The quality of the hair is incredibly poor, they have a scratchy rough feel (like hay). They weren't done tight or blended well, pieces were constantly falling out and they looked terrible. I could barely put a brush through my hair without causing serious damage. I followed my stylists instructions perfectly and used the products they suggested per their instructions. Nothing I did made a difference. 

I took a trip back to my stylist a week after having them and they were incredibly disappointed and eager to fix the problem. After they reached out to the company to get the hair replaced, HairTalk said it wasnt in their warranty to fix them. It then became difficult to get an appointment. By the time I did get in it had been too long and getting them replaced was now on my dime. 

After lots of frustration and a few disagreements we agreed the salon would fix it, we switched to a shorter batch of hair (to make up for the price) and went with brown extensions (to make up for the poor quality). 

All around huge disaster. I would NOT recommend HairTalk extensions and I would suggest a large amount of research to anyone interested in extensions. Find someone who is really familiar with the brand, their warranty, and what chemicals you can and cannot use on them. Anytime you are hitting the $1,000 range for your hair, make sure everyone involved knows what they they are doing and make yourself aware of what will happen if shit hits the fan. 

On a positive note I got one really great selfie immediately following my day spent at the salon. Was it worth that much dough, definitely not. 

Much love,  

-Magnolia Rose