Holiday shopping can definitely be a bit of a nightmare. With so many different people to buy for, it can get a little hectic trying to find the most budget friendly, solid gift, you know your loved ones will love. Not to mention the chaos surrounding each and every store this time of year. 

I love giving gifts way more than receiving them. I adore surprising someone with something super unique or new that they haven't tried. I feel like I give pretty kick ass gifts BUT I am also not made of money so it often takes a bit of research to find the perfect item. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the holiday shopping or you just need a little inspiration keep reading!

I have put together a super easy gift guide with gifts you CANNOT go wrong with! In addition to links below each photo I have also compiled all of these + more into a Pinterest board. And dont worry, if you hate reading ive also got you covered. Click > HERE < to check out the video! ENJOY!


You cannot go wrong with candles. Everyone likes candles! This is also a gift that is super easy to customize as there are endless varieties of scents.

I dig Bath & Body Works candles for 2 main reasons...

1. Their candles last long, smell great, & are super adorable. 

2. They are ALWAYS doing some kind of sale, especially this time of year. 

In addition to quality & price they make great containers for after the candle is all burned out AND they often are already gift wrapped, making your life even easier!

These candles typically go for about $20-$25 which is way more than I want to spend on a candle. If you keep tabs on your email as well as your mail or simply check out their website for frequent holiday sales you can get a massive discount. For example I snagged a bunch of these three wick candles for $8.50 each. 

TIP: If you don't know what scent suites someone, stick with the holiday themed scents. 


Its no surprise to anyone how strong my obsession is for Lush bath bombs. I am the queen of pamper night. I take a relaxing bath every week and I love it. Lush is also such an easy customizable gift because they have a large variety of scents. 

I would recommend Lord of Misrule bath bomb or The Magic of Christmas bubble wand. Both make for a super fun Christmas themed bath filled with magical scents that come with a serious side effect of relaxation. 

Make it a whole theme with some tea lights, maybe a little wine, and a good book. That is one hell of a good gift that is real budget friendly, unique, easy, & thoughtful. 

If you still feel lost, Lush has a little gift guide of their own you can check out > HERE <


I love love love humor gifts. In the past I would find funny books you find at gift shops and give those away to my friends with a serious sense of humor.

They were the kind of gifts you would just leave out for a while on your coffee table or in your bathroom. They were funny when you were giving them to that person. But after a while it gets put in a box or given away as a white elephant gift. Funny books and trinkets are a blast but in my experience they fade. 

This year I am opting for funny mugs. Coffee mugs are something someone can always utilize. Giving a silly coffee mug is a great humor gift that sends a funny message but also gives someone something they can really use. If they dont drink out of it, it becomes a pencil holder or office organizer. Extra tea cups are great for candles, so theirs lots of options here. 

TJ Maxx often has some really unique ones that come with the bonus of being under $10, Urban Outfitters gets hilarious but you are typically looking at spending a little bit more. Check out local shops, gift shops, & online Etsy shops. You can often find some really cool, unique mugs that make for the best inside jokes. 


If money is tight the best route to take is a more creative one. I dig this anyways as its an excuse for my creative juices to get involved and often ends up saving me so much money.

These are the gifts that also come with the added bonus of being more thoughtful, memorable, and super unique. I bought this frame at TJ Maxx for $13, each photo was .50 cents from Nations Photo Lab during their holiday sale, the stickers, bows, & quotes vary between $1.00-$5.00 depending on what you are wanting. 

Total this cost me $15.00 and is definitely the best gift I have to give away this year and the one I am most excited for. 


This is one legit gift I for one would LOVE to receive. Beauty products are always a great route to take. If you really want to treat someone go for a YSL lipstick, not only are these lipsticks a special surprise because of the gorgeous gold packaging but they are THE BEST lipsticks I have ever used.

They are perfectly creamy and moisturizing, they come in a variety of very rich and gorgeous colors, and they they are incredibly long lasting.

They are without a doubt the perfect lipstick making them the perfect gift for anyone that digs makeup. 

They are on the pricier side, retailing at Sephora for $32-$36 each depending on which one you grab.

But to me the holidays are a special time to really treat someone with something nice that they might not get for themselves because they cant justify the cost.

This is a bad ass gift you cannot go wrong with. Trust me, they are amazing! 


If you have a beard or are close to someone who does, than you know beard pride is a serious thing.

Growing the damn thing out is one challenge, keeping it well maintained is another, and if you want it to look legit you need good products. 

Beardology is a great brand that like Lush takes pride in using all natural ingredients, being animal friendly, and being recyclable.

You can purchase this gift set one time or set it up as a monthly subscription service, arriving at your door step conveniently every month. 

You get to choose from a variety of scents. Your set up comes with a beard wash, beard oil, and beard balm. Great for those bearded studs in your life! 


This time of year everyone is in the mind set of gift sets. Gift sets are so easy, adorable, and cost effective. 

For example I went to Sephora needing my favorite makeup remover from Boscia, a full size retails for $30. They had this lovely gift set with a full size Boscia makeup remover + 2 new products I get to try and a Konjac facial sponge which I love for only $45. 

Gift sets are an obvious choice where you cant go wrong. 


Cologne, perfume, lotion, etc... its all great! But fancy brands are too expensive. You can get great, good quality, inexpensive, full size scents for under $20 if you know where to go.

I would suggest Curve for men, they have some great options that are super cheap, I got this one for $15 at TJ Maxx.

Anthropolgie has some really yummy scents that are amazing, retailing for $18. And you get the added bonus of the brand haha. 

Charlotte Russe has one of my all time favorite perfumes for only $10, shop fast and receive 30%-50% off before XMAS to get it even cheaper. 

Bath & Body Works is honestly not my favorite quality wise but scent wise you have some great options. Every once in a while I snag a scent I adore so much I can deal with the greasy-ness.

Boutiques and local shops often have super yummy scents that you cant find anywhere else. Not only is it best to buy local but your gift will be super unique! 


Authentic polaroid cameras are great but often expensive and hard to find. If you still want the look of an adorable vintage pic I would suggest the FujiFilm Mini Polaroid Camera. I have my house covered in these little prints and I love it! 

Urban Outfitters almost always has these babies for sell, you can typically get it a little cheaper from BestBuy or Amazon BUT Urban has them for $80 right now which is the cheapest ive ever seen! So jump on it! 

The cameras themselves come in a variety of colors making it customizable for whomever you are purchasing it for. If you want to add to this gift, you can get colorful prints, cases, bags, etc...

TIP: They do not come with prints unless you bundle it, make sure to purchase some prints so your lucky loved one can start snapping! 


You cant go wrong with socks. You can find a great pair for anyone, and you can snag a pair for as little as $2 + depending on where you are shopping. Need I say more? 


If you're shopping for a makeup lover and you have a bigger-ish budget I would go for a makeup pallet. Eyeshadow or contour pallets are always a safe option because skin tone generally doesnt matter. 

With an eyeshadow pallet you cant go wrong if you go the Lorac Pro route. They have a variety of cold and warm, matte and sparkle, so one of these babies will work for everyone! 

Right now is the time to buy too! They have holiday options, limited edition, travel size, etc...LOTS to choose from. 

A great makeup pallet is a wonderful way to splurge and treat someone. If price is a concern because most good pallets range from $25 + I would suggest anything from an NYX pallet OR a single Mac eyeshadow pod. 

Quality over quantity. Good products make a difference! 


For beauty lovers, take advantage of the checkout line at Sephora and Ulta. You can snag alot of travel sized products from great brands that make great stocking stuffers.

Nail polish, lip gloss, EOS balms, makeup brushes, face masks, cleansers, etc...there are tons to choose from! 

TIP: Unless you know someones skin color I would avoid concealers or foundations but you can go for a translucent powder like the Laura Mercier travel size. This works for most skin tones and is one of the greatest additions to my makeup routine. 

Bath & Body Works travel size lotions, shower gels, sprays, etc...are also solid choices. B&BW also has some of my all time favorite lip glosses and they are always buy 2 get 1 free.

Take advantage of those discounts AND keep tabs on your mail, often travel size products from B&BW you can get for FREE.

For non beauty lovers go with items like gift cards, candy, headphones, movies, socks, card games, books, keychains, ornaments, desk trinkets, office supplies, etc...


And lastly, express your love and appreciation for your loved ones.

With every gift I give I throw in a little card. Its the spirit of XMAS that needs more attention. Start the tradition of sharing your gratitude for all of the important people in your life with a card. If writing isnt your thing, simply use your words...

I hope your holiday season is going swell! Wishing you all happy shopping! All items can be found via Pinterest > HERE <


Much love, 

Magnolia Rose