Xmas Lush Haul

The holidays wouldn't be the same without a little Lush lovin! Obviously I went shopping and obviously I filmed a haul for you. 

I was very impressed with this shopping trip.

When I went shopping for Halloween goodies they had barely anything - not because it was all sold out but because the stores here in Utah just don't get a whole lot. Which is disappointing because Lush around the holidays is extra special and as a frequent flyer I want to participate in the magic! If the products stayed in good condition when purchased online I would just save myself the chaos, salesy employees, and lack of products but they dont. Needless to say my last trip was a frustrating disappointment.

But like all good relationships there are going to ups and downs, good times and bad. So I went in with a fresh perspective hoping for the best! 

And this time Lush was packed!

Not only with all the latest bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps, scrubs, and other beauty products but with lots of people!

Thankfully I have their app, so I set up my bag before hand and went into the chaos confidently with my list, a basket, and a purpose! 

I did a quick grab and go while Mace grabbed a table at California Pizza Kitchen for date night.

I got every product on my wish list + a few for friends and family. They had everything you would find online with plenty in stock. 

This year they have lots of NEW and lots of updates. One of my favorite is what they have done to Shoot for the Stars.

This one is perfection in a bath and one I wish I would have gotten more of.

They gave it a complete makeover, brightened the colors, amplified the scent, and added stars filled with moisture. I absolutely LOVE these little moisture pods they are adding to the bath bombs. The Lava Lamp is another one that has it and they seriously make all the difference! 

Shoot for the Stars was the most moisturizing bath I have ever taken - far beyond anything I have ever had from a bubble bar or a bath melt. I adore the glitter and the bright blue is gorgeous, the stars swirl around your bath while they slowly melt away. God this one is amazing. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 12.20.50 PM.png

The other one I tried out this past weekend was MistleToe. 

I was worried about the scent on this one and to be honest it really wasn't great. I ended up adding a bubble bar to it because it was just so blah.

The colors were awesome and the bath itself looked gorgeous but the smell just wasn't good. 

This might be the only bath bomb I wouldn't suggest and I definitely wont be purchasing again. 

I cant wait to try out some of the others from this haul, Northern Lights ive never experienced and the updates to So White are super rad! 

This will be the only XMAS themed video this year! Be sure to check out some past videos if you are in the Christmas mood! 

I hope you all are doing fabulous and having a beautiful holiday season. Sending you all lots of love! 

Much love! 

-Magnolia Rose

Chatty Lush Haul! New Products + A Few Favorites!

Hey everyone! If you are not a lush addict like the rest of us, you should be! Seriously though, my bath nights are blissful & its because of my amazing bath bombs from Lush Cosmetics

They have some fun new products that just came out, as per usual my excitement ends with me sharing. Check out the video below for some of their new products as well as some of my favs I had to pick up. 

Much love!

-Magnolia Rose