HOME UPDATES! New floors!

Buying a home is a huge project! We got really lucky price wise with our house but that did mean it came with a few kinks. When we first moved in there was a pipe problem and a wall that needed replacing. Luckily we were able to add a little to our loan to get the necessary things fix and replaced before moving in. Flooring was always on our to do list because it was old and horrible. Thank god for carpet cleaners and big rugs!

You can imagine the damage our carpet took with three naughty dogs. Between pee, dirt, throw up, and all their hair! The money we were putting into carpet cleaner products was adding up and it was such a hassle to clean it as often as we were. Getting new floors was becoming a serious priority.

So about a month ago we got new floors! We went with a hickory hardwood laminate called "duet" everywhere except our two bedrooms. In our two bedrooms we went with a really soft salt and pepper carpet in the color onion. We have since trained the dogs to sleep in kennels and during the day we shut the doors so they can only do damage to our laminate which is easily cleaned and really durable.

Here is the before and after (keep in mind that we haven't added base boards to our new floor as we wanted them updated and we are waiting to install them until after we paint)

Living room!





The vinyl we had before was cheap, thin, and peeling off. For whatever reason the vinyl was installed up our cabinets :( this was/is frustrating. There is also a burn along the back door that was caused from the sun hitting the vinyl which turned a piece of it orange. You can see it in the last photo.


The plan is to paint the cabinets a nice white, add a new back splash and a new counter top.








I dont have pics of our room but its the same carpet


Entry way!



Our entry way before was so overly crowded I wanted it to feel more open so I took down our coat rack and added some colorful hooks I got from anthropologie. I added a little seat which can open up into a basket that we put flip flops in, I got this for free from my sweet boss who was doing some spring cleaning. The cute colorful rug is from Urban Outfitters. It was on sale a few years ago and the key hook I got from a yard sale for $1, it was originally white but I painted it orange :)



Overall I am really happy with how our house looks, its easier to clean and when the dogs make a mess I can just wipe it up. Base boards will be added shortly after we paint!

I am not going to brag about the company we went with as it was a fight to get the job done right and there were way to many issues we ran into. I dont feel its necessary to bash a company but for anyone looking into flooring just trust me and DONT go with Empire Today. If you are seriously considering it private message me and I can email you my honest review along with plenty of pictures that we took of all the problems that took place during the installation.

Cant wait to continue updating our home! It is so fun to see it all come together!

Much Love!

-Magnolia Rose