Hair Care! Your Questions Answered!

I get so many questions on my hair! Which is fabulous but some times difficult to explain in great detail. With there being so much feedback I figured why not pass the torch and share my hair secrets with the world. 

For a long time (as long as I remember) bobs with bangs were questionable. When growing out my pixie cut, I cut my hair into a crazy short A-Line with bangs. It was the greatest decision hair wise I have ever made. 

My original cut has evolved to a long A-Line and I have kept the ballsy short bangs because I love the bob with bangs look! Around summer time I wanted to up the dramatic-ness and make it even more unique! I had always wanted an ombre but had never seen it on short hair. It was definitely a long haired style. I found a blog called One Little Momma and saw pictures of her short ombre! I fell in love immediately and decided to go for it. 

unnamed (8).jpg

Wanting to be careful on my hair so that it looked good in the long run I did little bits at a time, slowly adding more and more bleach higher and higher. By the end of Summer I had evolved to a full ombre with the blonde, brown, and dark brown.  


The Process

I book my hair appointments every 6ish weeks. Then I go in for a color touch up every other appointment along with my cut. In the mean time I dye my roots using Garnier Olia Oil Powered Permanent Hair Color which I have used forever and really like. 

When I go in for my color and cut appointment it takes about 2-3 hours so I bring a book. My sister recently gave me "Shes Come Undone" which I started yesterday! When I am to excited to read I take pictures on snapchat (follow me! @flowerchildslc), check instagram, facebook, other various social media accounts, and of course read bloglovin. 

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Hair Care

As far as the after care I use a variety of products. For washing I use Matrix Biolage Color Treated Shampoo. I mainly got it because my hair guru uses it on me at the salon, but I actually really like the smell!

I use a hair mask in the shower about once week. I am currently using Roots from Lush. Its actually meant for fine thin hair but for my bleached ends I feel like it does its job. I dont love the smell because it doesn't mesh well with my shampoo and conditioner (it smells minty). I recently got "Hair Food" by Clairol sent to me from influenster for testing purposes and I adore it! It works just as great as Roots but it smells better and is easier to blend into your hair (Roots is a bit chunky). I use Hair Food once a week during my bath night since I dont usually wash my hair that night and it gets a bit frazzled from being wet. 

I like to use leave in conditioner just on my ends. Right now I am experimenting with different brands and products. Ipsy has been sending me a lot of leave in conditioners which I am loving! So far my favorite is the "Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask". Its actually meant to be washed out sort of like Roots, but I like to put this product on my ends when I style my hair and throughout my hair after its washed. It smells amazing and leaves your hair silky smooth! 

For styling products I use two Bed Head products. "Hard To get" for texture and style and "Masterpiece Hairspray". I love the smell of both of these and they both give me the look I want! 

I hope this answered some of your questions! I love the feedback I get on my current hair, its definitely one of my favorites! 

Much love to all of you! 

-Magnolia Rose