The ocean & the wind


You're deeper than the ocean,
Both unstoppable and free,
And nothing can control,
The wild intentions of the sea,
So when they try to shape you,
Slip like water from their palms,
For the wind should know it's reckless,
To disturb the ocean's calm,
You have the right to be here,
Every right to what you feel,
And the wind can howl forever,
But the ocean will not kneel. 
Do not let them change you,
Send your waves out far and wide,
And let them learn the hard way,
That you can't command the tide.
-e.h. poetry


>>> Outfit details <<<

This dress was my grandmothers wedding dress, handmade by her. It is an honor to have this vintage keepsake and wearing it this weekend gave me goosebumps thinking about her and her spirit.

She continues to be my greatest influence. Her love is powerful and unconditional, her smile was contagious and I hear her laugh every time I think of her.  I miss her physical presence every day but we are always sending each other love. 

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Headband is actually a belt I double wrapped. 

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Much love, 

-Magnolia Rose