MCM Day 11: "I am grateful for this moment"


With this weeks theme and today being our gratitude day, we are committing to self gratitude and showing ourselves some love and appreciation.


  1. Use todays affirmation to create a miracle anytime fear pops up

  2. Focus on all that you are grateful for. Take a moment to truly appreciate who you are, what you’ve been through, the people you have impacted, the struggles you have been through, the difference you are making and the bright future you have in front of you

  3. Post a SELFIE on instagram and/or in the comment section of todays thread, include something that you love about you in the comment/caption

Sharing your picture + your comment earns you an extra entry towards our giveaway that we will have at the end of our 40 days together! Be sure to tag me @MagnoliaRose and use the hashtag #MiracleTribe if posting on instagram so I can find your photo and count your entry.

If you are feeling uncomfortable taking a selfie, I encourage you to let go of any and all judgments you might have around taking a picture of yourself and sharing it.

I know that selfies may have a slight stereotype - it doesn't need to be like that. Be proud of YOU, be grateful for YOU and share your vibe with us. The world needs your light.

Self love needs to be a priority. Commit to your happiness and commit to love.

I think its interesting how much we expect from our relationships and how much of our happiness we put on other people. YOU are your most important relationship and just like all relationships your relationship with yourself requires unconditional love, patience and forgiveness.

The way Gabby set up this book is genius, we have a week dedicated to our relationship with ourselves before we even begin to explore our external relationships. Theres a reason for that.

Your relationship with you is so important. Self love requires self awareness and its important that you check in with you so you can own your happiness and create the life you want.

Share with us what you love about you and commit to a day of gratitude!

We are half way through week 2. How are you feeling? How are you doing following the guide every day? What has been a struggle? What are you feeling good about? What is uncomfortable? Let us know so we can be here to support you.

I am so grateful for each of you, make today wonderful!

-Magnolia Rose

MCM DAY 4: "Gratitude is my only attitude"

Day 4 of each week is my favorite!! Every Wednesday we focus on gratitude and on every gratitude day members of our tribe get the opportunity to receive an extra entry towards our giveaway by sharing what they are grateful for.. 

Gratitude is crazy powerful, its more powerful than fear and being grateful is a huge part of being miracle minded. Our ego likes to resist gratitude and focus on judgement instead, be mindful of this as you focus on gratitude today.

Your to do list today....

1. Focus today on allowing gratitude to be your ONLY attitude. Take this vibe with you through every interaction today!

2. Post a picture of what you are MOST grateful for and tell us a little bit about it. To earn an extra entry towards our giveaway you can post in the comments of todays thread or on social media. If you share on social media be sure to tag me @MagnoliaRose and use the hashtag #MiracleTribe so you earn credit. 

3. Instead of an affirmation picture, set your photo of what you are most grateful for as your background on your phone/computer. Focus on what you are thankful for when your reminders go off, fear comes up, and mid day when you check in. 

I have A LOT to be grateful for but Mason and Leo top it all. My family is everything, they are my greatest manifestation and my very best blessings.

Mason came into my life when I really needed a friend, a super honest blunt friend that could handle my fire and love me for it. He was the example I needed (having been through a lot himself) and having no attachment to the past + a childlike sense of adventure towards the future.

When we met I had a lot of pain hidden from the world and so much fear keeping me stuck. Ironically I was finishing up a round of MCM when I met Mason. 

We met in an elevator. His welcoming smile and warm energy lit me up from the second I saw him. He was someone I could relax around and just be myself without any expectations, fears, drama, or negativity.

His energy was captivating and I always felt safe and solid when I was around him. I have always been a bit all over place, running from A to B, holding my breath, procrastinating, always a little stressed, reacting to my surroundings and living in chaos because thats always been what is most comfortable to me. Mason was grounded and calm. Being around him was like coming home, it was the home I always fantasized about but had never really experienced.

As fast as we became friends we fell in love and quickly after we were pregnant with Leo. It was a tough time with him and I being complete opposite in many ways while also going through the many stages of a relationship rather quick.

As a twin flame relationship we have had our fair share of struggles but we are without a doubt the others, other half. We make each other better and keep each other accountable. The love we share is out of this world and we both know that we are together for a reason. 

Leo is our miracle and the best thing to have ever happened to us. She is a healer, a lover and a fire babe full of sass! 

I am so grateful for these two and the beautiful life we have created. My family is everything and although we are far from perfect I wouldn't ask for anything different. 

It doesn't get much better than this and I can honestly say that I would go through it all again if it meant I would end up with these two by my side. 

Feeling so very grateful and full of love. 

-Magnolia Rose

GIVEAWAY TIP: For every insta photo you share throughout our journey you will receive an EXTRA entry towards our giveaway. Make sure to use the hashtag #MiracleTribe & TAG me in the photo @MagnoliaRose