What I Love About Coffee

Coffee. Its the best. Coffee is the greatest. This past weekend Josh and I went to a wonderful place called Publik Coffee and enjoyed each other's company over some delicious lattes and drip coffee. After an awesome day date and some great conversation I felt the need to blog about coffee. 

Yeah it might be a silly topic but it's also a great one!  


My first coffee experience was in Junior High School, I remember I got a Blended Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks, although now I wouldnt drink a Blended Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks if someone paid me to do it. Yuck. Like most teenagers I initially started drinking "coffee" because it was cool, but from day one I actually really liked it.  

My parents were against coffee so I had to sneak it when I wanted it. I would opt for anything coffee flavored and got away with coffee ice cream often because it wasn't "technically coffee". Those glass Starbucks Frappuccinos were my go to gas station drink for a long time and chocolate covered coffee beans are pretty damn great! 

Overtime my taste has changed from fluffy drinks to actual coffee and now my favorite drink(s) are a good Drip Coffee from Cafe Niche or Jack Mormon Iced Lattes (courtesy of my sister Anj who I wont ever admit to in person, but she definitely taught me the value in good coffee).


There are a few REALLY great things about coffee. 

I love coffee chat, its the greatest conversation starter.

I love that coffee pairs perfectly with just about everything and is the start to every day.

I love that coffee mugs/cups are the greatest items to collect and putting coffee in a cute, funny, and/or unique cup makes it taste even better.

I love that instagram photos of coffee never get old and that lattes and cappuccinos are a work of art. 

I love that I get shit done when I drink coffee. 

I love talking about coffee (obviously). 

I love it iced or hot. They are both great! 

I love the smell of coffee. Especially in the morning!  

And I love that there is something for everyone, as my taste buds evolve and "mature" so will my coffee. 

unnamed (8).jpg

Are you as obsessed as me? Whats your favorite coffee drink?

Much love! 

-Magnolia Rose