MCM Day 15: “My false perceptions of my body are an attack, today I choose love instead of my egos perceptions.”

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Today is another day of witnessing. Today we are looking at the ways in which our ego has projected fear onto our bodies.

The first page is absolutely amazing!! The way Gabby explains comparing, specialness, separation and self attack. The abuse we do to our bodies & mind, because of our egos perceptions and projections. Its a fine piece of writing!

Use todays affirmation when you...

1. Compare your body to others

2. Catch yourself overeating, starving, eating poorly or engaging in any other negative food behavior

3. Using your body to get something you want (specialness)

Be sure to set your alarms & your backgrounds! Have a wonderful day!

Much love,

-Magnolia Rose

MCM DAY 5: "I forgive myself for choosing fear, today I choose love instead."

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“The unforgiving mind is full of fear"

I love this quote from todays reading. It puts forgiveness into perspective for me, I can gauge how much forgiveness is needed based on how much fear I am experiencing.

Today we practice forgiveness and this week we start with our inner dialogue. Think about the conversations you have with yourself, the limiting beliefs you believe and feed into, what judgements do you place on yourself and why?  

Today I want you to let go of all self attack, let go of your self judgment, let go of what you THINK others might think of you, let go of any anger, resistance and of course...fear! Forgive yourself for any limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. 

When fear pops up, forgive it and simply choose a better way. Use your affirmation and check into the group, let us know how we can be here to support you!

Be kind to yourself, forgive all of your fears and send each one some serious love. Forgive every negative thought and anyone in your life that needs some forgiveness.

Just let it all go for today, one day. 

Forgiveness is such a powerful tool, it requires strength and grace. It’s badass to choose the path of forgiveness and today we get the opportunity to practice that. 

Much love!

-Magnolia Rose

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