Hidden Falls & Silver Lake

The last few weekends Mace and I have been taking our weekly date night up into the mountains, specifically Big Cottonwood Canyon. This week we chose to take it easy and wander with no agenda. 

Our first stop was Silver Lake which is up by Brighton Ski Resort towards the end of the canyon.

Sadly lots of the water was gonzo and it looked like they were doing a fair amount of construction on the whole area but it still felt amazing. The air was cold and the sun kept us warm. 


We took an easy stroll around the lake soaking up the scenery and the fresh air. Benches surround the lake where groups of people chatted, fished, and took pictures. It was nice to see people spending time off of their phones with each other rather than in their own private cyber world. This is one of the many reasons I love hiking. The people watching is perfection. 

We wandered through a very quiet cabin neighborhood and fantasized about the ones that were for sale then we bounced and headed to our next destination. 


We drove through the mountains and found a short easy hike to a waterfall called Hidden Falls. 

Parking for this hike is best at the S curve in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Once you cross the street you can climb a super short trail to the waterfall by wandering right or you can take the short cut through the water to the left. 

The waterfall creeps up on you in either location and the presentation is impressive!


This whole area has some cool little chill out spaces, we found another sweet spot up at the top of one of the rocks surrounded by a large tree with exposed roots. 


We ended our mountain adventure cruising down the canyon with food as our next destination. 


Our weekend adventures have been the best medicine for me through the postpartum baby blues. The hormonal adjustment after bringing a human into the world is hard and getting outside in the sunshine with Mason has helped a lot. Its great exercise, its free, and it feels incredible. 

Much love! 

-Magnolia Rose