10 Budget Friendly Valentines Day Ideas (Single or Taken)

To me Valentines Day is a day of love. Duh obviously, but what I mean is that I think the focus shouldn't be just around couples or anti Valentines Day haters. Its just a day of love and love means different things to everyone. Although I think love is something that should be expressed more often I do think the idea of having a day of love is great.

Here are 10 budget friendly ideas for you to have a special Valentines Day this year whether you are married, dating, or single! 

1. Bath Time 

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 11.23.08 PM.png

This is an obvious one if you know me at all. I talk about bath time often because I think its great! Every week I partake in a little "me" time that I like to call "Self Love Sunday". I light some candles, turn on some tunes, grab a book, and soak in a hot bath with whatever bath bomb from Lush I am feeling that night. This is a great time for you to have some quality time with yourself. Check out some of the Lush Valentines Day products HERE

This can be as cheap or as extravagant as you want. A fancy bath bomb from lush is anywhere from $4.00-$10.00 depending on the one you pick, or you can pick from a variety of things to add to your bath. Epsom salt is cheap, essential oils are literally pennies per drop, or you can get crafty and make your own bath products! To make things easy I found a few DIY bath time products you can view HERE, HERE, and HERE

I prefer tea lights because they are also cheap and I stick with water as my drink but feel free to make things fancy and grab some wine! 

The greatest thing about bath time is you can do it solo or with your sweetheart. 

2. A Day At The Spa

Sometimes a spa day is the greatest way to treat yourself, your loved one, or your girlfriends. Its a day dedicated to relaxation, what could be better? If you are in Salt Lake City and your looking for a great spa, I dig The Kura Door. They offer free snacks and tea along with a meditation room that is magical, a steam room, and a sauna thats free game any time of the day you book your appointment.

Their prices are pretty comparable but the atmosphere is hard to beat and I love that they just let you do your thing before and/or after your spa treatment. For the next few days they have a kick ass offer for couples! Check it out HERE

If your balling on a budget do a spa session at home! Light some candles, grab some lotion, turn on some relaxing music and take turns giving each other massages. Some other things to add to your spa night would be bath time (above), paint your nails, watch a movie, and treat yourself to some dessert! Sometimes I just go to The Cheesecake Factory and get dessert to go, a few personal favorites of mine is their Tiramisu, Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake, and the Tuxedo Cheesecake! YUM!

3. Bowling or Mini Golf! 

Need I say more...

4. Sushi Night

Sushi is generally expensive but not if you are strategic in your date nights. A great place to hit up is Happy Sumo, before you go sign up for their VIP discounts. They will send you a calendar where depending on the day you go you can get 50% off specific rolls, appetizers, desserts, and sometimes the whole damn menu! There have been numerous times we have gone and gotten 6 rolls as well as an appetizer and spent maybe $40! For good quality sushi that is a great deal! 

Surprisingly Friday, Sunday, and Saturday nights after 7 pm are the best days to go! Check it out. 

5. Go On A Hike 

The weather this month has been amazing! If you are the adventurous type or just want to change things up, go on a hike, get some fresh air, and take some great photos! This is fun, adventurous, and healthy! If you are in Utah count yourself lucky, we are blessed to have so many beautiful places to go hiking!

A great reference for wherever you are in the world is All Trails! There you can search where you are at and they will list detailed hikes/trails along with reviews from your friendly locals! Connect with your Facebook page and you can see what trails your friends liked. 

On the way home stop at your local smoothie or juice shop and enjoy a healthy snack! 

6. Classic Makeout Sesh 

Unfortunately this isnt one you can enjoy by yourself but sometimes getting back to your roots is what makes Valentines Day special. Take a drive up somewhere with a great view and just make out in the back of the car. This one might be a little cheesy but sometimes getting back to the beginning of your relationship makes things fun! Add dessert to go and you have a romantic getaway thats unique and inexpensive.

7. Brunch it up

I love me some brunch and there are plenty of great places in Utah for some yummy food! Cafe Niche is my absolute favorite, Avenues Proper, Ruths Diner, Blue Plate Diner, and Copper Onion are also delicious and Publik Coffee is great for coffee and a snack!

Pair this with a romantic drive with some tunes or take trax downtown and do some walking. 

8. Movie Night

Who doesnt love going to the movies? One year I got Josh a movie set for Valentines day that came with two Megaplex mugs, a free popcorn, a bunch of candy, and some coupons! If you are looking for a great gift idea this is a fun one.

Depending on your sweet tooth your looking at $30 for this date night. This is cheap and easy! A bonus to movie nights is that you have tons of options since there are theaters everywhere, you dont have to worry about planning to much ahead or making a reservation. 

To make things really inexpensive, grab a redbox and some gas station sweets head home and watch your movie from the comfort of your home. 

9. Game Night

There are plenty of games out there to find something you like. You can do this with a group or with your loved one. Add alcohol and things get funny! We like Disney Headbands, Apples To Apples, and Disney Scene It! Or stick with some classic Nintendo 64 games like Mario Party, Diddy Kong Racing, or Golden Eye. 

There were a few date nights in a row where Josh and I took turns playing Super Mario. We usually added take out (typically pizza). It was super fun and we completed the game together!

10. Keep It Classy

Museums, wine tasting, cooking classes, etc..there are plenty of options out there to find something unique and fun.

If museums are your thing and your in Salt Lake City check out out this link HERE! They have lots of detailed options for you artsy fartsy peeps! 

Ive only done wine tasting at my neighborhood Olive Garden but I was surprisingly impressed! Google wine tasting if you are looking for something a little more focused or head over to your nearest Olive Garden for some dinner and wine! 

Surelatable at the Gateway offers a variety of cooking classes for couples, friends, or if you are rolling solo. There are a few different options on February 14th you will have to check out! Lots going on there.

Remember that Valentines Day is a day of LOVE! Send your family members a sweet text, buy some random persons coffee in the drive thru, tip your waiter nicely, write your loved ones a nice card, or just give someone a hug. Just remember that love is the intention and this world needs more of it. 

Much love as always! 

-Magnolia Rose