Rock IT Like A Witch | OOTD

So far my 2015 has been filled with lots of synchronicity, love, learning, and good vibes.

All this magic in life has got me craving more of it and I totally believe that what you put out into the world you get back. I believe in the law of attraction and manifesting what you want out of life.

Mid February I had a sudden drive to want to share more of my beliefs so I posted all about Tarot and got a great response! More posts like that coming soon...

This post is inspired by a few things...

1. My drive to share more of this kinda "stuff" with my lovely readers.

2. Synchronicity seems to be the theme for this year and I am dedicated to bringing more magic into my life.

3. I bought a really rad hat. 

Imogen Floppy Flannel Hat (BooHoo) 

Xhilaration Split Black Dress (Target)

Black Tights (Target)

Kate Buckle Trim Patent Ankle Boot (BooHoo) 

Quartz Crystal Necklace: (Dancing Cranes)

Amethyst Necklace: (Brysons Rock Shop)

Green Gem & Eye Of Horus Ring: (Dancing Cranes)

Wedding Ring: (Shane Co)

Much love! 

-Magnolia Rose
Bridgette Style


Denim Jacket OOTD

Denim jackets have recently become a new favorite of mine. Ive had this one in my closet for some time now but until recently I didnt really know how to style it. 

Denim jackets have had a pretty consistent run fashion wise. They seem to be a pretty basic staple piece that most of us have in our closets but often I hear gal pals say they dont know what to do with it, and for a while I felt the struggle. 

After some messing around I have discovered a new favorite outfit of mine. Its easy, comfortable, casual, and a little "WILD". I hope you enjoy this denim jacket OOTD (outfit of the day).  

This denim jacket is from Target. I prefer to wear my denim jackets open because they tend to be pretty tight with not a ton of flexibility. 

The WILD shirt is from Jc Penneys MNG line. I love how free flowing this top is, its super comfortable and I like that it adds a little bit of sass to any outfit. I paired it with some basic black skinny jeans. These ones are from Old Navys rockstar line. 

As for Jewelry I added a fun staple necklace from H&Ms Divided brand.

I think big statement necklaces go really great with denim jackets. Its a really easy way to spice up the basic-ness from the denim jacket. 

In the winter time I will button the denim jacket up and add a scarf. Its again a really easy way to change it up and make it your own. 

This watch is one of my absolute favorite pieces I own in my closet! Its from Nixon, I believe its called "Kensington".


For shoes I have on these ankle booties from BooHoo. I love these, although one of the buckle ends fell off on one of the shoes. They arent the best quality but they are adorable and they are fairly comfortable. BooHoo is pretty hit and miss, and its pretty comparable to Forever21 or H&M as far as price and quality goes. 

What do you pair with your denim jacket to make it your own? Leave a comment below! 

Much love to you! 

-Magnolia Rose