HowTo Survive The Winter Blues

There is something very beautiful about the transition between seasons. Transitions and change are really a great thing, but for most of us its freaky. Change scares the shit out of alot of us, so it makes sense that most people get a little funky around this time of the year.

It gets darker earlier, its bitter cold outside, the holidays for alot of us bring up all of our family drama etc...Theres lots that contribute to Winter Blues. I think times like this we need to remember that this is a great time of the year. Its a great time to give yourself a break, cut yourself some slack, catch up on snuggles and sleep, re build relationships with family, get back to our roots, and celebrate the transitions. This is a great time to celebrate the change that is happening in our lives and the world around us and celebrate the season! 

I know its easy to get caught in a rut during this time of the year. Below are some of the ways I like to get through the winter blues and use this time of the year to work for me rather than against me! 



This is a big one if you know me at all haha. I cant survive without my coffee. It cheers me up, gives me energy, and I feel like my taste buds do a happy dance every time a drink it. I just love it. When its god awful cold outside treat yourself to a nice warm cup of coffee, add some flavors to it to make things fun. 

I dig Beans & Brews. I give them shout outs often! If you are here in Utah and wanting something delicious check out B&B! They have all their holiday drinks available AND they just upped their espresso amount! I like their Pumpkin Pie Fritalia the best. 


This is an obvious one! Getting festive is a great way to add some magic and sparkle to your home! Light some candles, add Christmas lights, turn on some holiday tunes, and enjoy the magic! Setting up our Christmas tree is one of my favorites! I have so many very random decorations its like one big tree of memories. I love having our tree up! 

I have fairy lights throughout my house, not just during the holidays but all year. I love the lighting and it gives our home a very relaxed environment. I have them throughout our office and around the window in our living room. 

I just added this little cyprus gem below that smells divine! Its chillaxing in my office and will be in the background of my YouTube videos during the month of December. 



Duh this is an obvious one! Bath time is great on any day but especially when its freezing outside! I love Lush bath bombs and they have some amazing ones for the holidays! Candy Mountain is a holiday favorite of mine and smells super sweet! Lord of Misrule is a fun one that makes you feel extra special, and they have a ton of options for Christmas. Treat yourself to some YOU time and take a bath. Add a book, music, some candles and you have instant magic and love happening in your life.

After your bath take some time to snuggle up with your loved ones, your pet, your blanket, or whatever you've got going on! 



Like I said this is a great time for transitioning, and the seasonal change is great symbolism for just that. For years I got serious seasonal depression because all my family drama happened between November-December. I have decided this year is going to be different. However that doesnt mean I cant reflect on everything thats happened in life. This is a great time for reflection. Journal writing is a great! I like to look back at old journals of mine, and I am so glad I documented my life. Its nice to see how much I have grown and matured through out the years. And its kick ass to read some of the stuff I went through and go "yeah I survived, I moved on, I adapted etc." 


Yes its cold outside, but eventually some of us need to get out! Josh and I love taking our pups on trails, when you live in Utah and everything's closed on Sundays you get creative! Even though its cold you work up a sweat and it feels great! When its super snowy take advantage and play in it. How many of us USED to build a snowman or have snowball fights? Why does that stop for a lot of us after a while. If you have kids do it with them, if you don't why not do it yourself. Its fun! We love to throw snow balls for our dogs, its hilarious and they love it! 


I know this time of year can be difficult for a lot of us. Cut yourself some slack and take advantage of this time of year by taking some serious quality time for yourself! Sending cyber hugs to all of you! 

Much love! 

-Magnolia Rose

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

What made you happy this week? 

Focusing on the positive is something I am all about. I think in the busyness of all of our lives its good to take some time to just sit and think about the past week and be grateful for the awesome things happening in life.

Throughout the week there were times I felt completely overwhelmed and chaotic. When thinking back to my week I realized I really didn't have much to freak about. I think sometimes I create chaos because I am used to it and its comfortable. Making lists like this and thinking back to all that happened this week makes me realize this tendency I have. Really this week was awesome! The crazy I experienced was something I created. This is why I love blogging, I start to realize things about myself as I write. Its fantastic! 

This week was basically filled with great people, great food, and great times. I sure enjoyed it! 

1. Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee....I had lots this week! The coffee we bought from the store was not very good which meant going to Beans & Brews often! Made my week so great! They even messaged me on Twitter saying thanks for all the shout outs I gave them. That was cool, since I am basically their biggest fan! 


2. Thinking of Disney. We are about ready to start planning our next trip, so there has been lots of talk thus far of Disneyland! Just fantasizing about going makes me all giddy! We would be flying this time rather than driving. Would we want to go when its decorated for Fall or Christmas? Quick 1 day trip or decent 3 day trip? AHHH! So much excitement! 

3. Day date Thursday! Josh and I went to brunch Thursday early before work. It was nice because we were basically the only ones there. It was a very peaceful breakfast at Cafe Niche (which I am now addicted to). Their food is absolutely amazing! My lovely sister is obsessed with brunch and I think I finally understand the craze about it.

It just feels good to be around people you love in a beautiful place eating fantastic food and having great conversation. After breakfast we went to Lush because they have all their new products for Fall/Christmas coming out. I was really overdue for some new products! Being there makes me realize how obsessed I am with Lush. Haha one of the ladies called me "The Lush Queen". If that is a brand I am associated with that is A-OK with me! 


4. My dear friend Connor came to visit from Colorado. We had a blast! We always have fun with each other because we are both total goofs! It was so good to see him!


5. Saturday Josh and I went to Cheesecake Factory. Even though we have done a lot of fun things the last few weeks we had also had a lot of shitty food and gaming nights. It was time for a fancy feast, so we got all dressed up and went out to dinner! It was packed as usual but we got seated relatively quick! I was in the mood to try all new things which was super fun! 


6. I pulled an amazing tarot reading. I had 3 wands which represent action. Essentially what I learned is that things are in the works and its go time. I need to organize my thoughts and goals and prioritize what I want to do. Pulling my cards myself is a very personal and spiritual experience for me. It feels like therapy and I get so excited about my self discovery and working on my shit. I think taking some time out of the week to focus on you is important. So this "me time" is all about reflection, journal writing, and tarot :) 


7. I have so many books on my to read list. It takes me so long to read a book because I have the worst attention span! I am reading Gabby Bernsteins Sprit Junkie book right now, and have been for the last 6 months! Ha! Always good thoughts and things in her books, I will finish it by next Sunday!

8. NERD ALERT! With the new WoW expansion you get a level 90 character boost. After lots of thought on what I want to use my boost for I chose a human rogue. Holy shit kids they're the coolest! I nerd out hard and lots of thought goes into each character and what they specialize in, look like, their name etc...and I was so worried I was gonna waste my boost on something dumb! Shes pretty cool, lets just say that! Happy about my choice!

9. Vampire Diaries and The Originals! So since I burned through the last season of Vampire Diaries like an obsessed psycho I now have to wait for each episode of the new season like a normal person and watch it once a week. I started The Originals on Netflix so I could also obsess over that! It gives me my fix haha! I love those shows! 

*SPOILER ALERT: So if you're up to speed on Vampire Diaries then you know that we just learned that Damon & Bonnie met someone else in this weird limbo that they are in. Bonnie got her magic back which is sweet cause that means they will most likely will be able to come back from limbo and be around again! AHH! So great! 

10. Sundays are my favorite day of the week! Drinking coffee in my living room, cuddled up with all three dogs, writing about things that made me happy this week. This is what makes me happy! The simplicity of having a day to just slow down a little feels good, and I NEED it to start my work week off right. 

Make this next week great and enjoy the rest of your lovely Sunday! 

Much Love! 

-Magnolia Rose