15 REALLY Random Facts About Me


1. My real name is Emily, but I have decided to go by Magnolia Rose on the internet because I can and I like it. I plan on legally changing my middle name to Magnolia Rose.

2. Ive collected birthday, anniversary, thank you (etc) cards ever since I was little. I feel ridiculously guilty throwing away something that someone took the time to pick out and write something in. I have a box in my basement filled with them and some of them still have money in them. 

3. As sassy as I can be I am super highly sensitive. 

4.  I used to be a huge Eminem fan! I still am at heart but my music tastes have changed. I have the majority of his songs completely memorized and I can name virtually every song of his if I hear the first few beats. 

5.  I get really claustrophobic if my feet aren't free. Socks, tight shoes, and blankets over my feet drive me nuts! 

6.  When I was younger I had a really strange taste in food. I ate cereal with water rather than milk. I loved butter and would eat it by itself. After finishing a sucker I would peel off the paper and eat the stick. 

7. I love tattoos and am currently planning a full sleeve. 

8. When I find a new song I like I play it on repeat all the time until I am sick of it. 

9. I used to have an eye twitch when I was younger. I danced at the time and used it to my advantage to "flirt" with the judges. It really worked for me in my competition days. 

10. I am a huge daydreamer and I spend a great deal of my time in my own head. Sometimes I will completely zone out without meaning to. As odd as it sounds it feels like I leave reality for a second. Sometimes it scares the shit out of me. 

11. I had a variety of nicknames when I was younger. A few are cricket, emp, bee, and emery. 

12. When going to the bathroom I nicely fold my toilet paper rather than crinkling it.  

13. I have never used LOL because I feel like it's misleading. I instead opt for haha! Or ha! I feel like laughing out loud at everything makes the times I do actually laugh out loud less exciting.  

14. I have the worst handwriting unless I am writing with a thick marker and I don't have lines that I have to fit it in. 

15.  When I was in elementary school I pierced second holes in both my ears by myself. When I was in middle school I pierced my nose by myself. Both situations using only sewing needles and earrings. 


Yep! I think it's safe to say I am an odd one! 

Much love!  

-Magnolia Rose