Construction Begins!

We have officially broken ground on our new house! Yayyyyy!!!


Purchasing a home can be so intimidating and frustrating. After about a year of searching for our dream home and not finding much we decided to open up our possibilities and look at building.

Initially this seemed impossible and way to expensive but it ended up working out beautifully. I think when things are meant to work out they just do and sometimes it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. This has very much been the case for me the last few years. 

We ended up finding a brand new community of homes in a newer city fresh off Utah lake. It's absolutely perfect and I couldn't be more grateful!

A couple months ago we picked out our designs, took care of the paperwork side of things and then, we waited.

Today we met with our builder and signed off for shit to officially begin!

We are so excited, Leo doesn't really know what's happening or how lucky we are. She doesn't seem as thrilled but that's ok! I think she's just sick of my camera at this point...


Much love!  

-Magnolia Rose