MCM Day 10: "I am love"

day 10 love.jpg

You are love, we are love, everything in and outside of us is love.

Anything different than love is F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real). Remember fear is simply an illusion.

What you say to yourself unconsciously becomes what you believe consciously.

Today is simple - LOVE is your focus and your ONLY focus!

We are cleaning up our thoughts and becoming miracle minded. Let love be your goal today, let love be what you speak and how you act, let love be apart of every situation and every interaction. When fear pops up make a miracle happen, you know what to do.

Tonights evening exercise is a good one, it takes courage and bravery. Its one that can feel really silly or just generally make you feel uncomfortable. The more uncomfortable you are the more I believe you need to do it! Do not avoid this exercise, do not skip it, do not judge it (or yourself), push past the fear and the awkwardness. You are here and you are willing. Be open to what may make you feel uncomfortable.

I promise this book is amazing and both Gabby and Louise Hays are incredible women with life changing methods. When you are ready grab your mirror and follow along to Gabbys instructions.

Let us know how you are feeling, how tonights exercise went and how today felt with love being your one and only focus.

Much love!

-Magnolia Rose

MCM DAY 1: "I am willing to witness my fear"


Welcome to week one, day one!

This is just the beginning and I am so excited you are here! Today we start simple but strong. This week we focus on becoming miracle minded.

Today might not feel like much (at first) but the beauty of this guide is the simple steps and the subtle shifts that happen by staying consistent. Replacing fear with love is hard, it takes dedication and I love how Gabby relates it to sugar. Its sneaky and in everything! 

"Releasing fear requires honesty and courage."

Todays exercise is a breeze but it is also incredibly powerful. Today we focus on WITNESSING. Your goal today is to be the witness of your thoughts, actions, and energy. It's a matter of being simply aware. Today you are an observer. Easy huh?

You are opening up your mind and planting a really rad seed that will create major shifts in your thoughts and major change in your life.

We are becoming miracle minded and we start right now. 
Throughout your day today, repeat today's affirmation when you notice fear pop up! If you need a reminder check in with the group, set your phone background with the affirmation photo, set an alarm to go off on your phone every hour, when your phone goes off say the affirmation out loud or in your head. 

We start simple, witnessing our behavior and our habits. Up your awareness and check in with yourself periodically. Witness, witness, witness.

Share your thoughts in the comments below. Be extra brave and post your fears in the comment section each time they come up. Acknowledge it, witness it, share it, and utilizing the affirmation let it go! 

When the evening hits, take out your journal and reflect on your day...

  1. What experiences trigger my fear? 
  2. What thoughts trigger my fear? 
  3. What are the feelings that come over me when I am in fear? 
  4. How does my fear affect my behavior?

*Make a list of your fears. Scale which fears are the strongest and then pick your top three. Which ones come up for you the most?

Share what feels right, witness your fears and be proud of yourself for saying yes to miracles! 

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Much love!

-Magnolia Rose