The Perfect Weekend

For the #lovetober challenge I am participating in, on instagram today's pic is "The Perfect Weekend." What to me is the perfect weekend? 

Friday: After cleaning my house and uploading my video I watched the rest of season 5 of Vampire Diaries. This season was a good one! I finished it within a week and I'm horrified that Damon "died" but really glad that season 6 is in on Hulu. 

Saturday: Josh and I slept in and then went and got brunch! We went to Cafe Niche which is officially my favorite! My sister and I sort of have this habit now of brunch on the weekends mixed with coffee and good conversation so now on the weekends I crave it! Cafe Niche is THE shit! Killer food, great atmosphere, and super nice customer service. 

I ordered a heavenly plate that comes with eggs, avocado, spinach, and the most delicious bread! I got a side of hash browns and another blissful piece of bread with jam on the side that tastes homey like your grandma made it cause she loves you. Needless to say in drooling...


After breakfast we went and got coffee. My sister Anj introduced me to a wonderful place not only with a kick ass name but ridiculously good coffee! Jack Mormon Coffee! It's a bit of a drive from us BUT when your in the area you have to go!

Josh got a cappuccino and I got an iced latte. Mmmmmm....again drooling! 

We drove around the beautiful city of Salt Lake and ended up at gravity hill. We took pics, and admired the scenery! Fall is seriously my favorite. 


After cruising around the city for a bit we headed home. Played with the dogs in the backyard for a while. Then we opened up all the windows, drank coffee, watched vine, and just hung out not doing anything in particular. 

Sometimes it's these little simple moments that are the best. 


Around 7:30 we packed up our computers and headed over to a LAN party a group of our friends were having. LAN parties are way fun! It might seem silly for a bunch of people to get together to play games but when your around kick ass people, pizza, energy drinks, and candy it's way fun! I can ask questions to other gamers that's normally hard to ask over chat, you get to watch other people play, check out their set up, and chat it up. It was awesome! 


We left around 11:45 to be home to the pups, but the gaming didn't stop there! We played until 7 am the next day! We leveled up to 55 and then started an alt death knight! Around 4 am we stopped to take a break and grab some McDonalds, which is horrible for your body but sometimes it's ok! 


Then! To top it all off it rained! Rain is my favorite and every time it does rain I just feel better :) 


And today...

Self love Sunday: My favorite! 

This weekend has been perfect! Although we have done a bunch of rad stuff it makes me grateful for the busy weekends, the slow weekends, AND the fun weekends. It's all about the balance, I definitely couldn't do all that every weekend but every so often it's pretty great! 

Much love!

-Magnolia Rose  

Typical NEW YEARS Post

Are you ready people? The typical new year posts are coming!

I am so ready for this year to be over haha! 2013 has been rough but its also been one of the most rewarding years of my life!

I have a love hate relationship with 2013. It kicked my ass and it was one of those years where you are forced to take a serious hard core look at yourself, your past, present, future and your surroundings. I think those times in life where you really have to re-group are the most important milestones of your life. Years like this one are the ones that mold and shape who you are and who you are becoming.

Looking back on what my "goal" was for 2013 I accomplished it! This is what I posted on my tumblr last year....

"I feel its important to remember the past.

5 years ago I would have given anything to forget everything that was going on in life, ignore it, and forget it. Now I realize the importance of remembering everything you have been through, its important to remember that life happened to you, it continues to happen to you, and the way it is and has impacted you. Not only is it important to remember the good times but the shitty times.

I feel like my life is broken up into chapters in a book, each chapter is a different opportunity and a different life experience. I feel each chapter gives me the opportunity to be someone else, go through different things, and live life in different ways from all different points of view. I feel all the different lives I have lived and will continue to live are going to be a huge part of who I will be someday.

Its good to reflect on the different chapters and lives we live and to think and remember how our lives have changed and how we have molded because of these chapters. It is important to be grateful for these life experiences. 

I feel I have worked so hard to get where I am today and because of that I have become to focused on being positive that I have forgotten to find the beauty in the negative.

My goal for 2013 is to create a new chapter in my life and to document my experiences and how I felt in all the different chapters I have lived."


In 2013...

-I created a new milestone and a new chapter.

-I found the beauty in the negative.

-I ruled out stress by accepting and acknowledging that it exists, and by then taking control of my life and my surroundings.

-I used expression to get through tough and discouraging times.

-Figured out what being an artist is really all about and did my first art show!

-Made new friends.

-I documented my experiences from January 1 to December 25! I filmed bits and pieces. I edited it, added music, etc...and taa daa!

Here it is...

Love you always!

-Magnolia Rose