MCM Day 29: “I am not my lack mentality”

day 29.jpg

Todays picture is brought to you by the lovely Raquel Alfaro - Raquel saved the day during our last round of MCM when both me and my little one were sick, she created and shared this photo with the group when I needed a day to take care of myself and my family. Thanks again Raquel, I love ya!

Todays topic is money! What is the financial story your ego created? Today we witness our thoughts around our finances.

I love the quote from ACIM..."Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved."

We start each week witnessing our behaviors. Begin to witness your financial fears, become aware of how you feel, think, speak, around the topic of money. Do you have a lack mentality? Are you blocking your abundance? Are you manic manifesting?

Be sure to journal your financial fears tonight. I hope you all are enjoying this guide so far and feeling the shift daily.

Much love,

-Magnolia Rose