MCM Day 33: “Forgiveness offers me everything I want.”

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Forgiveness is the catalyst for surrendering your limiting beliefs and restoring your faith in miracles. I love this line, there is so much truth and power in it!

“Forgiveness offers me everything I want.”

Todays affirmation is from A Course In Miracles, it reminds us that all we really want is to be happy. Sometimes we just get caught up in the numbers, we trick ourselves into thinking that a certain amount in our bank account will create happiness. It won’t and I think deep down we all know that.

As we have been focused on finances this week, Mason and I took a look at our finances to see how much we spend and what we spend our money on. Our bank allows us to search by item and it will tell us the amount we have spent on each item.

We added up the total from all of our trips to The Cheesecake Factory, my obsession with Starbucks, Masons love for video games, and all the random purchases that we splurge on. We realized that not only do we overspend but we spend way too much money on things that ultimately don’t matter.

I am trying not to judge our bad habits and welcome abundance instead. I welcome this new change and am excited to see where it takes us, we both want to travel and make more memories. Saving instead of splurging will give us a sense of security and allow us to experience more as a family.

Today be aware of how your ego has used finances as an attack. When fear pops up, use today’s affirmation to create a miracle and bring yourself home again.

Forgiveness sets you free and is the key to happiness. Forgive your past, forgive your ego, forgive self attack and use forgiveness as your tool to wipe the slate clean.

Be sure to participate in the evening journal exercise. The questions are top notch and you each are in for a treat!

Sending love! You know the drill!

-Magnolia Rose