MCM Day 32: “I am grateful for what I have and I welcome all the gifts this day will bring.”

I love what Gabby says about respecting our finances. When we respect our finances we respect ourselves. This is something I wish I thought of more often.

In addition to respect, its also gratitude day!! As we know, gratitude is much more powerful than fear.

Your to do list today:

  1. Be present in gratitude & focus on all that you have. Take this vibe with you in every interaction today!

  2. Post a picture of what you are feeling grateful for and tell us a little bit about it. You can post in the comments and/or on social media. Your gratitude picture posted in todays thread will count as an entry towards our giveaway.

  3. Instead of an affirmation picture, set your photo of what you are most grateful for as your background on your phone.

Make today great and be thankful for all the blessings that surround you!

-Magnolia Rose

GIVEAWAY TIP: For every insta photo you share throughout our journey you will receive an EXTRA entry towards our giveaway. Make sure to use the hashtag #MiracleTribe & TAG me in the photo @MagnoliaRose