MCM Day 26: "I could see peace instead of this"

day 26.png

Today we learn a bit about how our ego denies forgiveness to get what it wants. The egos goal is to maintain the illusion of fear to protect you. Its existence depends on the illusion.

I remember when I first went through MCM I found myself hating my ego. I was frustrated by this part of myself that had so much control over me and had caused so much pain over the years. Especially considering that its job was to “keep me safe”?

I had a victim mentality about my ego and I refused to take any accountability.

Don't hate your ego, your ego has a purpose. Its purpose does keep you safe BUT keeping you safe doesn't also mean keeping you stuck, disconnected, separate or restricted.

Its up to you to take accountability and get to know your ego, become familiar with it well enough that you can become aware of what is happening.

Remember from yesterday the art of projection and reflection. Your thoughts make up your vibe and that energy is a filter for the way you experience your life.

You have accountability for it and you have the opportunity in each moment to live miracle minded.

Much love!

-Magnolia Rose