MCM Day 25: "All encounters are holy encounters"

day 25.png

Two things…

1. What we project onto others we reflect back onto ourselves. Remember that the thoughts you have about others are a mirror reflection of the thoughts you have about yourself.


2. All relationships are assignments for spiritual growth

Your ego might resist these two truths because its looking to protect itself. Move through it - witness, be willing to see it differently, forgive and send it lots of love.

Your world is a reflection of your inner world. When we attack others its really a cry for help, its our egos way of attacking them so that they are the focus and we can feel temporarily safer.

It all comes down to one thing...FEAR. Its just fear and its incredibly simple.

Throughout this book you get good at sending love to all of your bullshit. You realize what fear really is and what your egos job really is all about. You learn to acknowledge it for what it is, choose love instead and move forward. Its a beautiful process.

Remember that every encounter is an opportunity for spiritual growth. Be grateful for each one in your life.

Much love,

-Magnolia Rose