MCM Day 20: "I accept the true function of my body. I accept that I am a messenger for love."


Its FRIDAY!! Today were going to try something fun but it requires a little EXTRA commitment.

I love how specific Gabby gets in the instructions for todays affirmation...

She says to set your alarm with todays affirmation for EVERY hour. At the top of the hour when your alarm goes off and your affirmation pops up - take a moment to do the following...

  1. Breathe into your body & feel whatever feelings come over you.

  2. Say your affirmation out loud OR in your mind.

  3. Take another deep breath in & see if there is an emotional shift.

  4. Write down exactly how you are feeling after you say the affirmation. This can be as short or as long as you want, your choice!

I know this might seem like a lot, especially for those of us who work and/or are running around all day but I PROMISE its really quick and incredibly easy. It honestly doesn’t take much and if you are like me running around in chaos all day - YOU NEED THIS!

Use your journal where you have everything else documented OR use your phone and transfer it over to your journal later that night.

For me, I prefer my phone because im already on it. When my alarm goes off I commit to a 1-2 min break. I breathe, repeat the affirmation in my mind and then write down one word that describes how I am feeling.

Find what works for you, commit to participating and get ready for a day of magical miracle awareness! I would LOVE if you could share your thoughts, words, feelings etc...with us in the comments.

Sending each of you love!

-Magnolia Rose