MCM Day 16: "I turn my perception of my body over to the care of my inner guide, show me what you've got"


Today we are focused on surrender. Instead of trying to fix our body image issues and fears, we instead simply open up to a new perception, we welcome a better way.

Yesterday we witnessed our egos perception and now we’re giving them up! Turn your perceptions over to your inner guide and let it go!

Let us know how you are feeling, what you are struggling with, how we can support you!

Take some time to witness and release! Set your alarms and your backgrounds - use todays affirmation to help you surrender and find a better way.

*Reminder: for you babes on a different day, utilize the search bar in our group to find your day. You can type in "day 16" for example and utilize the thread for support!

Sending love!

-Magnolia Rose