MCM Day 13: "Today I commit to miraculous shifts. Forgiveness will be my guide."

DAY 13 .jpg

Happy Friday babes and congrats on week 2!

Forgiveness is the key, let it be your guide. You will get incredibly good at forgiveness through this guide.

Take a moment to reflect on your week:

  • What are you letting go of today?

  • What have you let go of this week?

  • What do you hope to let go of throughout this journey?

  • How are you doing? Feeling? How have your thoughts been?

  • What’s changing in your life?

  • What is MCM bringing up for you? Whats been triggering?

  • What exercises, affirmations, or topics provoke emotion?

May Cause Miracles is amazing because it has this rad way of bringing our bullshit to the surface. For me, this book calls out my fears and brings them to the table to be finally dealt with.

Becoming miracle minded is an every day practice and I am so grateful for each of you on this journey.

Much love!

-Magnolia Rose