MCM Day 9: "I am willing to let go of my self doubt, I surrender to self love"

day 9.jpg

You picked up this wonderful book and joined our tribe, you energetically signed up because you desire a better way. 

You are here, meditating, opening up, surrendering and willing to change.

You have a desire to replace fear with love. You are ready for change and ready for happiness. 

Are you ready to love you, for you? Fully and unconditionally with no judgement?

This week hits home with my fear of not being loved. For me its extra confusing because I really know and understand self love, its that I don't trust that others have unconditional love for me.

I am working on this, I am ready, I am willing, I am witnessing. I want deeper more trusting relationships. I am replacing this fear of mine with love, every single day and have been for years. This fear comes and goes throughout the years, it visits less and less often as I get older because of maturity, new experiences, new changes and deeper understanding.

Self love is one of my favorite topics, self doubt is always one of my struggles.

Today is going to be fun, I choose to let it all go. See how it feels. I am letting love be my guide.

Today, focus on surrendering. Focus on love and use the affirmation when fear pops up! Set your alarms, set your background and share with us in the comments. 

Sending you all LOTS of love! 

-Magnolia Rose

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