MCM Day 38: “I will listen to those who want to be heard, help those who are in need, guide those who are lost, & serve those who call for love.”


Remember that you are a messenger for love. Choose to shift your attention from your inner dialogue by consciously paying attention to others. Spread love, share love, be love. Who can you impact today? Where can you make a difference?

Your to do list today:

  1. Make an impact on someone today. How can you help someone that is lost? Listen to someone who needs to be heard? Be a friend to someone who needs some love? How can you be of service today?

  2. Write today's affirmation on a piece of paper & put it in your pocket. When your ego steps in, pull out your reminder & recite it to yourself.

One of my greatest joys is sharing this book with you. This group is one of the many ways I give back & spread love. Feel free to invite as many of your friends to our tribe that you feel may need this guide, I invite you share your journey with them.

Be of service to someone else today. Shift from "ME" to "WE".

Sending love!

-Magnolia Rose