MCM Day 37: “Inner guide, I welcome you to show me where to go, what to do, and what to say.”


We begin today by surrendering, open up to what the universe has to offer by listening to the voice of love.

“We soften the ego’s conviction with the power of love.”

Love is again the answer - today we allow, let go, remain open & willing. Your palms are facing up in today's meditation as a sign of receiving.

Let go of your plans/agenda. Accept that there is a greater plan. LOVE. Welcome the voice of love to lead you, teach you & guide you.

If you don’t already have a spirit sign, ask for one. Your sign is similar to the popular numbers 11:11 - its a sign/symbol you ask to see for reassurance, guidance & as a reminder of love. Your sign can be an animal, a flower, a word, a symbol can be anything that you identify with that calls to you.

For Gabby, hers has always been an owl. For me it was a unicorn until they became extra popular haha! After my unicorn it was Winnie The Pooh, now that I have a little one I see Winnie The Pooh so often that its lost its charm & I am creating a new one.

Share with us in the comments what your sign is!

-Magnolia Rose