MCM Day 36: “For my peace & the peace of the world, I choose love.”


We are on our last week babes!! I hope each of you know how proud I am of your journey. All progress towards this work is incredible, you being here is a gift & I hope you will join me again when we complete another round!

“Only love is real” - if there is ONE take away from this book, this is it. Remember from week one we learned that fear was an illusion. Keep this in mind this week & remember that love is what is real.

This week is when we up our game, you know the drill & you know what to do. This week is about living it all.

Remember to be the witness, stay willing, embrace the shifts have an attitude of gratitude & when in doubt throw down an F bomb & forgive!!

This week is going to be kick ass & I can’t wait!

Spend some extra time in your meditation space today. Commit to no longer believing in fear, by now you KNOW that only love is real.

Sending each of you love & light! Happy Sunday & welcome to week 6!

-Magnolia Rose