Rock IT Like A Witch | OOTD

So far my 2015 has been filled with lots of synchronicity, love, learning, and good vibes.

All this magic in life has got me craving more of it and I totally believe that what you put out into the world you get back. I believe in the law of attraction and manifesting what you want out of life.

Mid February I had a sudden drive to want to share more of my beliefs so I posted all about Tarot and got a great response! More posts like that coming soon...

This post is inspired by a few things...

1. My drive to share more of this kinda "stuff" with my lovely readers.

2. Synchronicity seems to be the theme for this year and I am dedicated to bringing more magic into my life.

3. I bought a really rad hat. 

Imogen Floppy Flannel Hat (BooHoo) 

Xhilaration Split Black Dress (Target)

Black Tights (Target)

Kate Buckle Trim Patent Ankle Boot (BooHoo) 

Quartz Crystal Necklace: (Dancing Cranes)

Amethyst Necklace: (Brysons Rock Shop)

Green Gem & Eye Of Horus Ring: (Dancing Cranes)

Wedding Ring: (Shane Co)

Much love! 

-Magnolia Rose
Bridgette Style