Life Lately

Yo. Its been a while. 

I'll be honest, lately I have felt super uninspired. Sometimes that happens and its ok, its a good time to give yourself a break and find new inspiration. Ive got some magic in the works that will hopefully be happening early April, stay tuned...

Although I haven't felt super inspired by anything I have kept fairly busy. I joined a yoga studio a month-ish ago and i've been going fairly consistently (more on that later).

Ive added some artwork to my house along with some plants and bright pillows. Its necessary for me to change up my environment every so often, change is good.

I swear every time I re-organize my house I fall in love with my home all over again. New surroundings keep the vibes flowing and bright colors make me happy. Along with adding some life to my home, i've done some serious spring cleaning. I took all the items out of my closet and thoroughly went through each individual piece. Cleaning out my closet not only made me feel like Eminem but it felt good to get rid of crap that I wasn't using. It makes me feel more open! Along with cleaning out my closet, I deep cleaned and organized the main part of my house as well as my very busy basement which was starting to look like a thrift store. 

Ive been trying to drink more water lately and eat seriously clean meals throughout the day. Ive incorporated some new breakfast items into my menu, ive also got a delicious morning green smoothie you can check out HERE! 

I've replaced my morning coffee with tea from "Your Tea". Ive been drinking "Her Tea" in the mornings and "Sleep Tea" at night to help me sleep. Obviously. Both of which are awesome and I would highly recommend. Coffee has become a Tuesday tradition and a snack on the weekends. 

Dogs are doing wonderful as always, our home is always filled with snuggles, treats, and play time. I love having three sweet furry babies. They bring so many smiles to life. 

My dear friend Summer came home from serving a church mission. She's such a babe and gave one of the greatest talks i've ever heard! I missed her dearly while she was away. We had some pretty great times together before she went on her spiritual journey. 

My sweet grandma is having a hard time lately. She's been struggling a lot health wise and needs all the good vibes, prayers, love, smiles, and laughter she can get. She has played such a key part in my life the last 6 years I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful to have her as my grandma. I have to remind myself that the only consistent thing in life is that its not consistent. Change happens, life happens, and unfortunately death happens. Hold your loved ones tight and count your blessings. There are so many things to be grateful for. 

And thats life lately. What have you been up to? Whats new? Whats happening? How are you doing? 

I hope you know how much I appreciate you. I hope you know how much I love that I have this platform to express myself and although there might be times I don't blog for a while I will always be back. I love you, I appreciate you, I hope you are having a lovely weekend. 

ALSO! I created a spotify playlist of music I have been loving lately. Music makes everything better, hope you enjoy it. Click HERE to listen to some sweet sounds. 

Much love! 

-Magnolia Rose

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