My Makeup Timeline & Everyday Makeup Tutorial

I have always had a love/hate relationship with makeup. Over the years its been filled with ups and downs and its been on and off.

I have always enjoyed doing other peoples makeup and growing up would beg my younger sister to let me borrow her face for a quick makeup look. 

When I was younger I would raid my moms makeup supply and I remember being totally fascinated with how magical it was. My mom literally had a suit case of makeup. YES. An actual suitcase. I loved the way makeup smelled (I know weird). I loved watching the transformation that would take place, and seeing all the different products in all their glory. 

I immediately wanted to start wearing it and thought that being in 4th grade with mascara and lipstick was basically the coolest thing ever. 

By Junior High I was obsessed with doing other peoples makeup but didn't much care for it myself. The phase of being the only kid wearing makeup was no longer cool cause everyone was doing it so I stopped wearing it and would instead practice on my friends and my sister.

In 10th grade I spent 6 months at a boarding school that didn't allow makeup and I think while there I grew to appreciate inner beauty and a fresh face. This was also a great opportunity to let my eyebrows grow in as I had gotten a little to excited tweezing and had previously destroyed my eyebrows.

By my senior year in High School I took a makeup class where I mainly learned special effects makeup. I got my first makeup kit which consisted of wax, fake blood, clown color creme eye shadows, spirit gum, liquid latex and some good eyebrow pencils that I actually still use to this day. Special effects was the shit and I loved it, but unless you are working on movies theres not really a point other then to show off your skills. Which i'll do now...

Other then Special effects I would practice eyebrows and thats where my love for brows came in to play. Because I had let them grow like crazy I basically could start over with my eyebrows but with a fresh perspective. Eyebrows were the best thing I learned in my makeup class!

After High School I did a little modeling and worked with a lot of different makeup artists! This is where I feel like I learned the most! I would pick their brain while they would do my makeup. Because of the curiosity I had with makeup and their love for sharing it with me I pulled different tips and tricks from each one and found what worked for me. 

After a while of shooting with different people I started doing my own makeup for shoots. I know my face better then anyone and after learning from all these lovely ladies I felt I could combine everything I learned and do it in a way that worked best to bring out my features.

Here are a few of the shoots I did my makeup for. Note I didnt take these photos, the amazing photographers I worked with did.

Credit: Braxton Bruce

Credit: Braxton Bruce

Credit: Vision 

Credit: Vision 

Credit: Summer Elise Photography 

Credit: Summer Elise Photography 

I think this is when my interest started to peak a little bit more, I liked collaborating with the photographers to pick a theme and then using that theme to do my makeup.

So this brings us to today...

Being on Youtube my love for makeup is blossoming even more! I think its because or all the makeup tutorials which I really enjoy watching and incredible makeup artists like Kandee Johnson who can completely transform into someone else using makeup. I think its amazing!

This photo is my current makeup routine. It consists of BB cream, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow gel, liquid eyeliner, concealer, highlighter, bronzer, and lip gloss.

Makeup has transitioned for me A LOT over the years! I love the challenge, I love that its forever changing, I love the transformation, I love the colors, and I appreciate a good makeup item. I have enjoyed testing out different brands and I am excited to continue my makeup journey!

So I recently did a tutorial of my everyday makeup routine! You can view it below!

Thanks so much for being here!

Much love!

-Magnolia Rose