DIY All Purpose Cleaner!

For the last year I have been making my own cleaners! This one involves 3-4 ingredients, smells amazing, and gets the job done on any surface! 


- 1 tbsp WHITE VINEGAR (no it wont smell like vinegar)

-10 drops of LEMON essential oil and/or PURIFY essential oil blend (this is what will drowned out the vinegar smell)


- A pinch of EPSOM SALT (optional)


Drop 15-20 drops of essential oil in the bottle. I am using both lemon and purify in my cleaner so I did 10 of each.

Pinch some Epsom Salt in the bottle, this ingredient is totally optional. I use it because it helps the oils not stick to the glass bottle. It keeps it floating throughout the water :)


Pour 1 TBS of White Vinegar in the bottle!

Fill the rest of the bottle up with water. Leave some room at the top for the nozzle.

AND your done! Just give it a shake and spray as needed :) For tough sticky things I use a drop of lemon on the spot and rub it in with my finger then spray with my all purpose spray and wipe :)

Hope you give it a try! This is so much better for you and your families health then breathing and soaking in all those nasty chemicals from every day cleaners!

-Magnolia Rose!